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Singapore is the best city in the world to work in a startup

While Silicon Valley in the United States is still considered to be the number one place to grow a technology startup, the truth of the matter is Singapore has invested a tremendous amount of money and put forth a number of amazing initiatives (while offering big bonuses and benefits to those that bring their startup to Singapore) that has helped them to attract an amazing startup community.

And because of the major investments that Singapore has made as far as their infrastructure is concerned, the amazing online infrastructure they have built, and the fact that the city state itself is so brand-new – and constantly being rebuilt and reinvested into on a pretty much daily basis – Singapore is now considered the best city in the world to work at a startup.

This is pretty surprising news to anyone that hasn’t been paying attention to the initiatives and efforts Singapore has been making as far as the startup community is concerned, but not surprising at all to those based in Singapore today.

Beating up cities like San Francisco, Berlin, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, and a number of other major cities that have attracted high-tech businesses and startups aiming to change the world, Singapore has been able to dominate all of these cities thanks to a combination of benefits that are impossible to beat.

For starters, the startup ecosystem that Singapore offers is absolutely top-notch. As mentioned above, the city state itself is basically brand-new, infrastructure is high-tech and always improving, and the connectivity that Singapore enjoys is off the charts.

Secondly, Singapore startups are able to take advantage of some pretty amazing governmental programs that allow them to pay entry-level employees as well as key members of the team substantially more than companies based in other cities can offer. This is a significant competitive advantage in may be the most ultra competitive business environment.

When it comes to quality of life and the benefits of living in a distinctly modern and forward thinking city, it’s tough to top Singapore as well. The city is young, the city is vibrant, and the community has fully embraced its position in the global scheme of things as a hotbed for startups and the startup culture and it’s helped to attract people from all over the world to come here and lay down their foundation.

At the end of the day, Singapore has recognized that the startup culture was going to be a major driver of business going forward and lay down a strategy that allowed them to capitalize on this movement before others were able to. This is just another illustration of how forward thinking and how advanced Singapore is when it comes to building their business community and their economy, and it’s something that other nations around the world are really starting to pay attention to and “knockoff” themselves!

Singapore has most certainly arrived and the startups that are being founded here are sure to transform the world for the better.

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