When you’ve booked into a skin clinic or aestheticians, it can feel like an anti-climax when you enjoy the treatment, see the effect it has on you and then realise…that’s it! No more, until your next appointment. If you could take your treatment home with you, you could keep up the momentum, and not feel like it’s slipping away from you as time passes. You can certainly do plenty at home to aid recovery and maximise the results from treatments from laser hair removal to cosmetic injections, but you can’t take them home with you (yet!).

Today we’re taking a look at the new treatment you can indeed take home with you! It’s time to meet the Derma Roller and find out what it can do for you.

What is Derma Rolling?

Starting with your first sessions in the clinic you’ll be introduced to a new tool, looking not unlike a small paint roller or lint brush. It’s covered in tiny needles, and after discussing exactly what you want to achieve with a clinician, they’ll select the right one for you – different depths of needles have a different effect.

Rolling it across the area of skin you want to treat can cause a sort of prickling or discomfort (even mild pain!) but as the tiny pinpricks heal, you’ll find – over the course of multiple treatments – that your skin fills out again, acne scars heal, and wrinkles start to smooth.

How Does it Work?

Below the surface of your skin there are layers of cells that do the vital work of making you look healthy, radiant and young. They keep your skin moisturised, they produce collagen and elastin that keep your skin looking full and stop it beginning to sag and sadly over time they begin to decline in production.

Some people tackle this problem by having collagen injected directly into their skin, but an even better solution is to persuade those cells to manufacture more collagen themselves! Using the derma roller to inflect pin-prick wounds stimulates your cells to heal, which they do by pumping out new collagen, which acts as an all-natural filler. It reduces wrinkling, and over time reduces the deep pits of acne scarring.

Rather than injecting a foreign substance under the skin, this process simply stimulates your body’s own natural healing process to make you look younger and healthier!

Taking it Home

You’ll want introductory sessions in a clinic to learn the ins and outs of derma rolling, and safety procedures, like thoroughly disinfecting it after each use. But then, with the right subscription, from the right clinic, you’ll be given your own one to take home, so you can keep the treatments going between appointments! This is a process that needs multiple treatments to be the most effective, so being able to do them yourself is a real boon!

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