There will come a point where, despite your best efforts, you’ll want to snack on something. This is not something to be ashamed of – snacking is a perfectly viable way to satisfy hunger in between meals, and is justified if you’ve been working hard. Concentration tends to waver when you start getting hungry. However, not all snacks are created equal. While certainly very tasty, candy, chocolate, cakes, and cookies are not especially healthy. On the other hand, they most certainly satisfy our sweet tooth.

While most people regard healthy eating as almost saying goodbye to food that tastes good, that opinion could not be further from the truth. There is actually a multitude of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining healthy. As with any diet, it comes with a little foreknowledge and a little prudence.

1. Greek Yogurt

It’s very easy to make a very healthy parfait with some Greek yogurt and your choice of layering. Low in calories and processed foods, the options are endless with a little imagination and a good eye for fruits. Why not try layering Greek yogurt with berries, graham cracker crumbs, and a little low-fat chocolate?

2. Dark Chocolate

If you must have chocolate, consider going dark. It has been repeatedly shown that dark chocolate is good for the heart – bacteria in your stomach can break it down into a powerful anti-inflammatory that makes your heart healthier and stronger. While it’s perfectly fine to eat it as it is, you can also use dark chocolate as a sauce or filling for a variety of other snacks and meals as well.

3. Smoothies

The Healthiest Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for a quick drink on the go, consider getting into smoothies. Long championed by health fanatics – and with good reason! Smoothies are a great way for you to get your five a day quickly, conveniently and most satisfyingly. Functional as a desert, snack, breakfast or pick-me-up, the possible combinations for smoothies are endless. Look online for all the possible recipes that you can whip up with the contents in your salad and vegetable draw!

4. Cereal and Milk

Avoid sugary cereals such as Frosties or Lucky Charms. Instead, opt for something whole grain and without additives, such as Kellog’s Special K, Weetabix, or a nice healthy muesli. Remember that you can make fairly bland tasting cereal more exciting by adding things to it as well, such as banana slices or assorted berries. For something a little tastier, try some honey or cinnamon.

5. Trail Mix

Easily available from most stores, trail mix are a great little snack that don’t add a lot in calories. Most are also small bombs of nutritional goodness, containing plenty of protein and essential vitamins. Because they’re made for camping and hiking in mind as well, they’re not only bursting in energy but they last quite a long time too. As such, feel free to keep several packets in your office draw at work.

6. Eat More Regularly

What? This isn’t a food! No, but it is a very good way to beat the hunger pangs that usually lead to incessant snacking in the first place. One very healthy way to avoid snacking is to ensure you eat regularly and in good quantity at your usual mealtime. Avoid skipping meals – especially breakfast – and make sure you don’t skimp out on it. A hearty meal at the start of the day can easily carry through until lunch while an equally generous lunch can last you until dinner.

If you’re satisfied already, then you won’t feel the need to snack as much.

7. Baked Apples

Not quite apple pie, but a strong alternative. Coring and baking an apple produces a very tasty caramelized treat that’s just as suited to a quick daytime snack as it is a tasty autumnal treat. To make it a little more interesting, try dusting it in cinnamon and nutmeg before baking, or adding melted dark chocolate or honey afterward.

8. Froyo

Though there are many different options for healthy snacking, there is going to come a point in time where you’re sitting and watching a movie or hanging out with friends in the summer heat, when a scoop of ice cream sounds delicious. However, instead of reaching for that rich, creamy and heavy dessert, try something lighter, like frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt not only can be found at your local grocery store, but froyo joints are popping up everywhere. These, self serve frozen yogurt companies, like Mochi, have recently become the newest craze and are even cost effective, as you pay per ounce. It it will for sure satisfy that sweet craving, as there are a multitude of flavours and toppings to choose from.

Christian Mills is a freelance writer and foodie who contributes articles and insight into healthy eating and cooking. If you would like to learn more about Christian, you can check out his Google+ profile.

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