Every lover of food knows how effective fast food restaurants can be when food is needed…fast. Here in Dublin, there are quite a number of places where these foods can be gotten and enjoyed, but we will be reviewing just a few. Their vast menus, Prices, scenery and operations. All will be discussed about these places.


1) The Noodle House: Located on 32 Wexford Street, South City West, Dublin 2, The Noodle House is a great place for friends and family to grab a quick meal for themselves. With an Opening time of 12 noon to 1 AM and an option for takeaways, this restaurant is available at a great time when most people feel to quench their junk food thirst. From their Chicken Corn Soup, Satay Chicken Box, Beef and Vegetable Noodle soup, down to my my personal favorite, the Tagliatelle Pollo Funghi box, this fast food restaurant offers a wide range of beautiful dishes (boxes). Run by a family, the Noodle house boasts of a quick service time with a nice a very affordable rate of EUR6.50 on an average for a main course. For those food lovers who adore Asian cuisine, Noodle House is for you!

Breakfast burrito from the Blue Iguana Cantina

2) Burritos & Blues: With two locations (one at South City West and the other at IFSC), Burritos & Blues offers a nice environment and a beautiful joint to eat. A lovely place well suited for travelers and students, this restaurant offers not just a beautiful place to relax but also gives customers a bang for their buck. Burritos so large that you literally struggle to finish one, They also top it off by offering customers who are eligible, the option of enjoying their Burritos, Tacos or Salads with a chilled bottle of Beer or wine. With a cost of approximately EUR25.00 for two people, you can enjoy their affordable meals from 12 noon to 4 AM.

Burger from Wow Burger

3) Wowburger: Whether it’s their Wow Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Bacon Cheeseburger, Wowburger will definitely wow you all the way! their close attention to fine details is very impressive. With meals at an average of EUR6.00, you can be sure to get full value of your money at Wowburger. Customer pleasing has been observed to be part of their motto as Wowburger has some features that make their customers feel very relax and welcomed. A smoking area, an outdoor sitting area, and for the beer lovers, beer to go with your burgers. Only downsides to their service might be the absence of a takeaway service and their relatively short opening hours, which is from 12 noon to 10 PM.

Bunsen Burger.

4) Bunsen: Perhaps, what makes Bunsen stand out so much is the simplicity of their menu or the ambiance of the place. Perhaps, it’s the option of having to enjoy your burger with almost any Wine or beverages you can think of. Perhaps, it’s because of the availability of free WiFi and takeaway service or, then again, the option of having to enjoy gluten free burgers if you so wished. Bunsen is adored by their customers, who have over time, created a space for Bunsen in their hearts. The queues and wait times are long, but the satisfaction you’ll receive in the end would be worth it all. With a cost of approximately EUR30.00 for a two-people meal, there is always something good to be enjoyed in any of their 3 outlets in Dublin.

Bro Ho Ho Ho

5) Ho Ho: Whether you’re at home, in a hotel room or at the office (working late, of course), Ho Ho prides itself in being able to deliver to its customers anyhow. With dishes that would thrill any Asian food lover, Ho Ho offers an array of options in their very elaborate menu. EUR30.00 is the approximate cost for a two-people meal at Ho Ho. Although there is no seating available for customers, their 12 hour opening time for the outlet located at 13, Rathmines Road Upper, Rathmines, Dublin 6 provides a good time for customers to have their favorite meal served.

What these places have in common is their impeccable customer service and their relatively low cost of meals. Travelers can enjoy their meals whether on the go (renting a car in Dublin is preferable) or in their hotel rooms. These places offer their customers not just the satisfaction of their meals, but a good bang for their buck as well.

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