The modern general population may seem like a massive experiment. Although pharmaceuticals drugs have been tested rigorously in various studies, the real test is to know whether they work for the general population. In this case, we are just lab rats. In fact, we occasionally hear that some drugs are withdrawn from the market due to new discovery of their ill effects to our overall health. In fact, it is possible that our long-term health condition will decline if we continue to take more pharmaceutical drugs. We should try to avoid substances that can create specific imbalances in our health.

In the United States alone, about ten percent of the population use five or more prescribed drugs; while about a third use two or more prescription drugs consistently. There are now common conceptions about specific drugs. As an example, statin drugs are for older people, antidepressant are for middle-aged professionals and asthma drugs and amphetamine stimulants are for children. In this situation, many of us have literally become drug addicts. We continuously expose our body to various chemicals and substances. The condition can be harmful enough that many people died due to prescribed drugs, including Michael Jackson.

The general population is being mass drugged and it is believed that we have reached the point of no return. Many people started to use sleeping pills because they want to sleep sooner; but eventually they will suffer insomnia if they stop taking those pills. It is believed that some countries, including the United States will fall apart when many of the prescribed or even OTC drugs are taken from the market circulation. It is believed that about 20 percent of the money spent by consumers in the United States is used for health-related expenses. In this case, we should avoid being hamsters that are being trapped in a vicious wheel of sickness.

Prescription drugs could treat our illnesses and in many cases, provide permanent cure. However, we won’t get healthier by continuously taking OTC and prescription drugs, when they are not really needed. Obviously, pharmaceutical companies don’t want us dead, because it would be bad for business. On the other hand, they are betting that we will eventually get sick. Many studies funded by the industry, directly or indirectly often downplay the effectiveness of traditional and alternative treatments. We should be able to cure our condition by adopting healthy lifestyle and taking proper steps to stay healthy.

It’s too rash to say that pharmaceutical drugs are toxic, but it is important for us to look for alternatives. When we are depressed; it is better to find specific herbal remedies and take direct steps to confront and eliminate stressors in our lives permanently. If we have problem sleeping at night, we may need to change our daily behaviours, such as not taking a nap and exercising in the afternoon to make us feel physically (not mentally) more tired during bedtime. Many cures actually involve common sense, not by ingesting potentially harmful chemicals in OTC and prescription drugs.

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