It is a known fact that vegans live longer and it is important to examine some of the details. Meat and dairy typically contain free radicals, while vegetables and fruits could neutralize them with antioxidants. Casein could actually promote the growth of abnormal cells and they are often found in dairy products. It may be hard to believe, but milk could actually cause osteoporosis. Our blood chemistry will become slightly more acidic when we drink our milk. This won’t happen when we consume plant proteins. Human should have neutral blood and body pH. Our body must compensate when it becomes acidic. To neutralize the pH, our body needs to release some amount of calcium phosphate from our skeletal system. Unfortunately, the calcium won’t be reabsorbed and it will be excreted with the urine. We may lose more bone mass if we consume more dairy products. Again, milk from cow is designed for the metabolism of calves, not for human. Animal products are sources of bad cholesterol and it could eventually clog our artery

How To Vegan Diet Can Prevent Diseases?

Animal products could also cause brain damage. Alzheimer’s and dementia are actually linked to regular consumptions of animal products. Animal protein causes different kinds of autoimmune disorders, including multiple sclerosis. Animal proteins could actually leak out of our intestinal wall in some quantity and they could find their way to our blood stream. This will encourage malignancies, such as autoimmune flare-ups and arthritis. Plant-based proteins don’t have similar nasty behaviours. Vegetables and fruits could actually lessen symptoms of Crohn diseases, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and lupus. Diabetes is a dangerous autoimmune disease that can be attributed to genetics, unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. Our body isn’t designed to manage excess animal proteins and fats. Our system is generally herbivorous and excess animal fats may cause irreparable damages. One common illness caused by animal products is hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol. Medication to reduce levels of cholesterols in our blood could cost us a fortune. However, we could slowly heal ourselves by switching to vegan lifestyle.

Hypertension is another disease caused by excessive consumption of animal products. Many people lose control over their blood pressire problem and this could be caused by obesity, smoking and diet. However, unlike genetics and ethnicity, lifestyle can be changed. It is possible to avoid coronary artery disease, cardiovascular disease and heart disease with ideal blood pressure. In fact, vegetarians are much less likely to undergo major heart surgery, such as coronary bypass, due to excessive animal product consumption. Our intestinal tracts are very long and it is optimized more for digesting foods based on plants. Stroke is linked to high cholesterol level, obesity and hypertension. We could avoid these problems and also reverse them by eating more plant-based foods. Medications cause various side effects and the best remedy for our diseases is to turn to plant-based foods that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and active compounds. They can slowly and naturally reverse our health problems.

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