Nobody, these days, can deny the benefits of live chat. There is a multitude of researches conducted by top industry analysts like Forrester, Aberdeen, Gartner, and others on the importance of the effect of using live chat. Every research endorses that live chat effectively increases the customer service productivity and online sales conversions– if you execute and manage live chat well.

Mentioned here some tips for maximizing live chat ROI:

  • Training: Live chat agents should be aware of all the features and functionalities of the live chat software they have been using. Also, they should have a prior knowledge of chat etiquettes, as their attitude has been signifying the brand attributes of your organization.
  • Analytic and Reporting: Without ample of reporting, it is impossible to supervise your KPIs. Not all live chat support software has same features to offer – particularly when it is about reporting. Make sure your software offers a pervasive set of reports to give a better and clearer idea about the performance of your live chat services and agents.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): One of a great way to check what’s working for your brand and what’s not, you can establish and monitor the KPIs. It can help you have a better idea of progress towards your online objectives.  Look at the factors such as average order size, the rate of shopping cart abandonment, and customer satisfaction.
  • Integrations: While communicating with your customers, you will be getting valuable information. Now you need to make sure that the acquired information is stored well. CRM Integration will be helpful. Moreover, to provide quality assistance to your website visitors, your chat agents will have to your organization’s knowledgebase. You can integrate your live chat solution with various CRM systems and link them with support database.

These guidleines can be essential in maximizing live chat ROI. Although, one of the most effective ways to maximize live chat revenue is through proactive chat. Proactive chat demands proactively offering chat to a website visitor depending on visitor’s action or a collection of actions.

Proactive chat can ensure an incremental 105% in ROI for a standard e-commerce organization, as stated by the total economic impact (TEI) analysis conducted by Forrester.

How to use proactive chat efficiently:

  • Instill Appropriate Branding

You should be sure that proactive chat invitations are suitable for your organization’s brand, in terms of design, tone, and language of the invitation.

  • Invitation language

An incompetently crafted message might make the prospect escape, rather than encouraging engagement. You need to be sure that you should not say things—while starting a chat—that may (in any way) turn a prospect off. Such as, expressing that you know their location or are monitoring their activities on your website. This will scare them away. Rather focus on providing quality help and being relevant.

  • Time of Invitation

Give your website analytics a look. You should know the average time spent on a web page before launching a proactive chat. Moreover, you need to establish essential and influential proactive chat trigger points. The timing of proactive chat invitation is essential to live chat effectiveness.