The basic differences between HTML5 and HTML5.1 Nightly are of their features and aims and while HTML5 is a markup language that completely describes an operating system, HTML5.1 Nightly is just an extension specification with minor changes to the features available in HTML5.

The differences as well as a little bit of history will be summarised about the two markup languages so as to clear the differences that are contained in both markup languages and their aims specifically as well as how both help in web design more importantly. This is known only too well with web design Belfast developers.

Summary of Html 5

Being a core technological markup language of the World Wide Web, HTML5 is known to be used in the structuring and presentation of content for the internet. Being the fifth edition to the HTML standard language which was invented in 1990 and began being recognized and standardized as HTML4 in 1997, it is a candidate recommendation for the World Wide Web Consortium which is also known as W3C as of December, 2012.

The basic and most important aims regarding HTML have been to improve the language on a daily basis to withstand and support the latest multimedia technologies while keeping the language as easy, comfortable and readable by humans as possible while also keeping in mind that the language is clearly understood by all peripheral computers and technological devices such as a web browsers for starters.

HTML5 is an open format markup language which has features that are readily based on HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript languages, the error handling has been proved to be easier than in preceding versions of HTML markup language, scripting has been replaced by more markup, the language is device independent, it’s development project was visible to the public so as to make them understand what they would be working on after the creation of HTML5 and the requirement of external plugins such as Flash were reduced with severity.

The Actual Difference Between HTML5 and HTML5.1

These features are present in HTML5 while some features from HTML5’s predecessor, the HTML4 markup language, have been left out like the font tag feature which is used in HTML4 to change the way how text looks on a web page and now, the feature is only recommended to users to be used through CSS.

One particular scope of HTML5 as well as being a feature discussed above was to eradicate the requirement of third party software like Adobe Flash. This comes as a scope for HTML5 because such third party software tend to slow down on mobile and smartphone devices as well as tablets and this can infect a person’s devices with viruses.

Another scope of HTML5 was to reduce the amount of coding that would run in each page such as JavaScript so that the web would respond and run faster than in HTML4. This also means that HTML5 gives a user complete access over web design.

Summary of HTML5.1 Nightly

HTML5.1 nightly, however has been produced as an extension specification to HTML5 and works on being more accessible and easy to use for web applications authors and this is one major subject that has been relatively vague in HTML markup language until now.

Still, the HTML5.1 Nightly markup language is instable and this is why it is warned by developers that the specification may change on its own if users do not read and follow the guidelines told to them by the developers as the extension is still in the developing stage and has many bugs that need to be addressed by the end of its development by its editors.

The extension specification is also presumably going to end up in W3C’s recommendations after its final development stage has surpassed and is free from all bugs that deter it from being successful at the moment. The extension specification HTML5.1 Nightly is currently only limited to allowing a semantic level markup language and all collaborating semantic level scripting functions for owning accessible pages on the internet web which range from static documents all the way to dynamic applications.

The aim of the extension specification HTML5.1 Nightly does not include any mechanisms and function for media specific modification of presentation even though the natural rendering regulations for all web browsers are included by the end of completion for this extension specification while several functions for conjunction with CSS are given as a part of the HTML5.1 markup language.

Unlike HTML5 that can describe an entire operating system like hardware software configuration, tools of image manipulation and tools that are expected by many to be used with high end working stations, the HTML5.1 Nightly extension specification will not be describing an entire operating system and will mostly be used for application that require a daily basis usage by particular users with low CPU requirements.

Such examples of applications would include search engines, multiplayer online games, document editing software as well as communications software such as instant messaging. This means that users have access to web design but not complete access to web design when HTML5.1 Nightly is compared to HTML5 as there are some restrictions that bar a user from having whatever he wants when he decides to web design.