Choosing organic is a beneficial way to ensure that your body is free from dangerous toxins, chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides – it helps your family live a healthier life. But what happens when you are on a budget and you can’t afford to buy everything organic? Are there certain specific foods that you always need to buy organic, for health reasons? Which organic foods are better for you than non-organic?

The 5 Types Of Organic Food You Need To Buy

  1. Fruit and Vegetables

Since fruit and vegetables are directly harvested from the soil or from plants, any chemicals and pesticides that are used on them end up directly in your body. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are particularly concentrated with pesticides due to the way they are grown, and these include peaches, apples, peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, kale, grapes, pears, and carrots. When you can, choose these fruits and vegetables from organic hungerford shops. It is also worth considering buying organic potatoes, soy beans, spinach and citrus fruit when you use it for the zest.

  1. Eggs and Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk and cheese, and eggs, contain traces of growth hormones and buying organic is a good idea in order to minimise exposure to these hormones. Also, because families often eat a lot of dairy products it is a good way to get a lot of organic produce into your diet.

  1. Meat and Poultry

You will find pesticides and chemicals in non-organic meat and poultry because these animals eat feed that is high in traces of toxic chemicals. But also, meat that is not organic is also high in growth hormones, additives, and antibiotics. It makes a real difference to your health when you buy organic meat. While organic meat may be priced higher than other meat, you can always cut down on your meat consumption – which can also be good for your health – and focus on having high value, very healthy meat when you do eat it.

  1. Baby Food

It is simple to make baby food from pureed organic fruit and vegetables, and this is very important as babies and very young children are particularly susceptible to the pesticides and chemicals in non-organic food. You can also buy organic baby food when you do not want to make your own.

  1. Grains

Grains hold a lot of traces of pesticides and when you eat a lot of pasta or bread it helps to buy organic. The good news is that organic grains do not tend to be very much more expensive than regular grains, and you can buy them in bulk which helps cut the cost. Rice products are also good to buy organic when you can. Basically, all kinds of grains and products made from grains and rice are healthier when they are organic.

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