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All the details a person needs to know about car detailing service

A car is a necessity that nearly every person owns and drives. Traditionally cars used to be big and required constant repairs and upgrades. The modern cars driven nowadays are more sleek in design, more fuel efficient and do not require costly repairs. But cars are machines that need regular checks to ensure their functionality. People normally wash their car every week to clean their car and remove the regular grime and dirt from the car. But the normal car wash does not thoroughly clean the car and chances are that faults may develop in the car, which can lead to costly repairs.

The one activity which ensures the complete cleaning of the car from inside and outside is car detailing which involves washing of the car from the interior, exterior and engine. The car wash is done mostly through automated systems while the car detailing is done by hand. There are many professional companies that have skilled and trained detailers who expertly wash, clean, restore, wax, and polish the car. The two components of car detailing are exterior and interior. The exterior detailing involves restoring and cleaning, which involves detergents, degreasers, and wax polishes. The interior detailing involves cleaning the inner parts of the car and the use of vacuuming and steam cleaning.

  • Exterior detailing

The exterior detailing is not just the cleaning of the body parts but thorough washing of the wheels, bottom car parts, windscreens, doors, and wheels. An expert detailer will make the car look brand new from the outside, minimize the scratches, dings and at last applying a paint sealant. The common steps of exterior detailing includes

  • Washing and drying

First, a high pressured spray is poured on the car so that the settled dirt and stains on the exterior body part, windscreen, doors, windows, and wheels can be removed. Then the car is covered with foam from the washing detergent and again cleaned with the water spray. The car is then dried with a microfiber cloth which effectively dries the exterior as compared to normal cloth

  • Claying

A clay bar is one amazing feature of car detailing which is used to remove the impurities, dirt, and spots which are not even removed after washing

  • Polishing

A car wax may be used to help retain the shine and gloss of the car

  • Sealing

A car sealant may be used which when applied help to restore the original paint of the car and make the car look like brand new

  • Interior detailing

The proper cleaning of the car interior can be difficult as compared to exterior cleaning as there is compact space, and most of the space is occupied by the panel and car seats. Many car drivers tend to clean the dashboard and panel with a cloth and do not need to clean the floor mats and upholstery. An expert detailer knows how to wash, dry, and make the interior of the car look amazing. The steps involved in interior detailing are

  • Vacuuming

The first step is always vacuuming, which helps to collect all the dust, which is present in the car. The dust if settled for a few weeks, can easily cause cough and other respiratory problems for the driver and the passengers. An air compressor is used to clean the floor, trunk, seat, headliners, and dashboard

  • Steam cleaning

The stains and spots on the upholstery and floor mats can be very nasty and not be removed by simple washing. The blemishes left behind washing can only be removed by steam cleaning

  • Glass cleaning

The glass of the windscreen and windows are properly washed and dried. The sparkling windscreen helps the driver to focus on the road

  • Leather cleaning

Most of the modern cars have leather interiors which require special care and detail when washing. A leather soap is used, and a damp cloth is also used to wipe the excess leather soap.

  • Perfuming

Once the interior space is sufficiently washed and dried, then a deodorant or air freshener of good quality is sprayed to give a nice aroma when someone enters the car.

A car detailing service is best as it adds significant value to an already used and driven car and prevents numerous faults which result in car damage and expensive repairs. The advantages of car detailing are

  • Helps to extend the lifespan of the vehicle. The car detailing helps to depreciate the car at a slower rate
  • Improves both the exterior and interior of the car considerably. The normal scratches, dings, dents, and stains are removed, and original looks and aesthetics of the car are restored.
  • The paint of the car is protected and prevents any damage from dust, debris, and dirt.
  • The engine is properly cleaned and tested. The cleaning of the engine helps the car to run smoothly and deliver optimum performance
  • The car owner can sell the car at a good price and earn profit

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