It’s not uncommon knowledge that some people suit certain colours better than others. Warm skin tones naturally suit the warmer shades whilst cool skin tones tend to opt for the colder colours on the colour spectrum.

According to the famous Swiss painter JogannesItten (1888 – 1967), as noted on the Daily Mail, this is all due to a little thing called Colour Analysis. His theory was that people with golden-toned skin suit warmer shades such as reds, browns and yellows. On the opposite side of the spectrum, people with a bluish or pinkish undertone suit cooler colours such as blues, purples and pinks.

What Colours Compliment My Skin Tone

What is my Skin-Tone?

Trying to find out if you have warm or cool undertones can be achieved by numerous ways. One of which, is to take a closer look at the colour of the veins running along the inside of your wrists.

Warm skinned people will notice their veins are quite green. They also tend to havea lighter shade of hair such as blonde, chestnut, red or light brown etc. Eye colours include blue, green and light brown.

Cooler skin tones will see bluish veins on the inside of their wrists and it is likely that if this is the case, you’ll have either black, ash blonde or brunette hair with dark hazel, dark green/blue or dark brown eyes.

The White/Cream Test

Another way to confirm your skin tone is to run a mini test. Plop yourself in front of a mirror and try a white shirt on first. It doesn’t have to be a piece of ladies designer clothing because any white shirt or blouse will do the trick. Once you have brought the white fabric closer to your face, take a closer look at your eyes. Cooler skin tones will see their eyes light up next to the white material, whilst warmer skin tones will see their eyes are brightest when dressed in a cream shirt/blouse.

Warm Colours

If you have a yellow undertone, Fashion Beans advises that you stick to warmer colours and shades of clothing such as tan, cream, green, burnt-orange, red, gold, yellow, caramel and teal etc. Celebs such as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and Hayden Panettiere are all warm toned.

Cool Colours

Cool toned ladies will look beautiful in white, blue, purple, fuchsia, black, grey, burgundy and any shades with a cool undertone. Some of the most famous cool toned celebrities include Simon Cowell, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Campbell.

Following the “colour rules” isn’t mandatory BUT it will allow you to shop more specifically for colours and shades that are going to compliment your skin tone. If you’d like to find the perfect shades of clothing to suit your skin tone, have a look at the incredible online collection on, which offers gorgeous styles for both warm and cool toned ladies.

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