Asus which is considered as a trusted maker of fine computers is back again with a new launch. The Asus is back again with a bang with it new all in one PC ET2040. This is a slim and cool personal computer which can be of many uses and delivers a premium quality performance. The sleek all in one PC is able to do many high end jobs demanded by any group of users. This new launch of all in one PC has created another dimension in the computer world as the design is a true next generation quality which requires minimum space and performs very efficiently. To know more visit the official website of Asus .

The Computer Making Giant Asus With Its New All In One PC ET2040 Launch In India

This product is available in two different models one with Quad Core processor and another is Dual Core processor. The all in one Asus PC is having lots of cutting edge technology in it and is decent thing to have around you whether in your workplace or in your personal room. Some of coolest features of this smart All in one PC are as follows:

  • This all in one PC has an amazing design and the look and feel of this gadget is extra ordinary. It sports a 19.5 inch display with higher resolution and better pixels. The thickness of the device is as minimum as 14mm. The design is made considering the space scarcity in our modern lifestyles.

  • It is powered by Intel Processors and is clocked at 2.2 GHz and offers a super 2GB DDR3 RAM. This is also tested by running extreme graphic games and it passed the test with flying colours and thus performs well for gamers.

  • The product also has got high end Hand gesture recognition tech and it is used in a subtle way in this device. The users are allowed to do many tasks by just moving their hands around the screen from a distance.

  • The smart gadget has got a built in power back up system unlike the other all in one PC which are completely dependent on power source. This device allows you a time of half an hour to finish your incomplete task and save the files.

  • The device also comes with an access of free 100GB space in cloud storage from Asus cloud storage services for saving the back up of your important files and documents.

  • The extra ordinary device is available in India online through Amazon. And all these high profile features your are getting in a very affordable price of nearly 22000.


If you are still having confusion regarding the Asus ET2040IUK, you could check a video trailer up here directly from Asus.