The JPG format is widely used in digital cameras and photographic equipment. JPG files can easily be edited in the Word format. But there is no way to convert a JPG file directly into a Word format. In a Word format, you can edit a document with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to scan the JPG file into a Word document. In other words, you can able to view, read and edit the content that was formerly a static image.

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To make the conversion of your file, there are much software is available. Choosing the right software can be difficult, here you are suggested to choose JPG to Word Converter software from the company Soft Solutions as per your requirement.

Here are some simple steps to the effortless conversion of your file;

  • Download and install the JPG to Word Converter.
  • Click on your desired format to Word (DOC OR DOCX).
  • Upload the file you require to convert into Word from your local storage or can scan the file from the scanner.
  • Click the option “Convert”.
  • On completion of the conversion process, the file is automatically saved on your device.

Why convert to a Word format?

There are numerous benefits to convert JPG files into a Word format:

An unlimited number of conversions:

If you are using JPG to Word Converter, it means you will not have to waste extra time for the conversion of files because it can convert a number of files altogether.

Easy to edit the text:

You do not have to worry if the characters of the text are broken, tilted or skewed. It is efficient to identify the characters. It gives you an accurate result.

Secure the file:

This software offers great security. For those people who do not want someone modifying or stealing their work, JPG to Word Converter is a must-have. Once a file is digitized into Word format, it cannot be modified. You can even protect them watermark and password protection features.

Multilingual image text conversion:

There is full support of more than 40 foreign languages. You get the opportunity being connected with the foreign clients all over the world.

Supports a wide range of formats:

Formats such as PNG, TIF, GIFF, JPEG, BMP and many more are easily supported by this software. Furthermore, it can support document formats like PDF format, HTML and Text Files.


You have to Keep in mind one thing is that your JPG file should be a high-quality, text-based picture for best results.


JPG to Word Converter is a professional and very easy to use. This is a software that makes your life easier and better and permits you to save any file or document into a word DOC format. The conversion ensures you to make the file editable giving you better accuracy and quality than any other software programs.

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