The hottest months of the year are going to arrive. If you want to prepare your car for summertime driving, air conditioning maintenance is a key thing. Yet, many car owners fail to give attention to their air conditioning system and suffer from overheating, breakdown and other problems while on the road.

For a car owner, it is vital to understand how your vehicle’s cooling system works and what steps should be done to maintain it well. This will help you keep your car chamber cool enough during your daily commute or while on a much-awaited road trip.

In this post, we have got you some useful and simple tips that will help you get your car’s AC ready for the warmer months, giving you pleasant driving experience every time you step into your vehicle.

Roll Down All Windows As You Enter The Car & Turn On AC

While you may find it exciting to keep your windows open and experience the summer wind, it can bring dust to your air conditioning system and other parts of the vehicle interior. If you keep windows open while AC is on, it will prevent the cooling system work with optimal efficiency.

The air conditioning system bears higher pressure to get the same cooling impact   it could have achieved easily and quickly with all windows down. Meaning, more coolant, and fuel will be used. This will add more cost to your car aircon maintenance over time. Yet, you won’t find it cool enough inside the car.

Power On Your Vehicle Air Conditioning Each Week

There is a quick and easy procedure you need to follow on a weekly basis. You need to power-on your car’s AC and allow it to remain on for 10-15 minutes while adjusting the system for the coolest setting and let the fan blow at the maximum speed given.

When done every week, this procedure will help maintain the cooling gas pressure at optimal level and keep the compressor unit in excellent condition. This helps avoid any mechanical glitch take place in your car’s AC.

It is also recommended to use defrost option in your vehicle air conditioning system once a week. This is vital to get rid of excessive moisture and prevent growth of mildew in your car air con. These easy to follow steps will help you breathe in cold and fresh air, while saving you from bad smells and discomfort during the journeys.

Do Air Con Recharge In Timely Manner

Low level of refrigerant (meaning coolant), a primary substance used in the car air conditioning system to produce cool breeze, can lead to many problems. Remember, when is the last time you have topped up the coolant in car air con? Usually, it is recommended to recharge your car air con at every 2-3 year. You can check user manual of your vehicle to learn exact details. Or take your car to one of the car air con services  provider in the town.

If the coolant level touches the bottom, you will need to empty air con and get it refilled by a qualified mechanic, which will certainly need more time and money than simply topping up the air con.  If the car air con doesn’t seem to cool down fast enough like it does normally, it can be an indicative that your air con needs recharge.

In some cases, the coolant level goes down abnormally fast due to a leak in the air conditioning system. In such scenario, it is wise to get the leakage fixed by a skilled technician before the coolant damages other components of your car.

Keep Your Car Clean

Dirt can accumulate inside the air conditioning system over time which can cause the growth of bacteria/mildew. Thus, it is important to vacuum clean the interior of your car on a regular basis to prevent accumulation of dust and debris. Regularly cleaning your car will make your air conditioning unit blow clean and fresh air. And you will never bear the bad smell produced by the build-up of bacteria.

Act Now!!!

You need not to wait till the hot summer weather begins testing your air con’s efficiency.  You can start using your car AC from spring, so you can find out if the cooling system needs any service or repair work before the hot days arrive. Follow the above tips and enjoy driving in the coolest and freshest cabin this summer!

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