Social media has become a powerful medium to engage customers. However, there are still some organizations that are not aware about how to take advantage of popular networking platform like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, the automotive industry has firmly grasped this opportunity and recognized how to conduct social media marketing for their cars.

Social media is used to share things, cars are natural fit. In this 21st century human attraction towards cars has made automotive manufacturers to cleverly insert messages on social media and reap lucrative benefits. Just check out the car Facebook Fan Page trends to check the rankings for specific brands.

Passion for Cars – Statistics

Social networks translate the passion for car buying. Let’s look at some interesting statistics –

  • 23% car buyers communicate or discuss their current purchase experience on social media.
  • 38% consumers report that they will discuss with social media before they go car shopping, next time.
  • 84% car shoppers hang out on Facebook with 24% using this platform as a resource to purchase their latest vehicle.

Car technology and engine photos drive a lot of excitement and social buzz. Check out this incredible statistic about social media trends given below.

  • 31% men look at car technology to make buying decision through social media discussion.
  • 77% people are concerned about in-car technology rather than color.
  • Top auto brands spend 50% ad budget on the digital media.
  • Facebook accounts for 54% of automotive social media traffic

Examples of how car brands influenced social media users

Auto manufacturers have used many strategies on social media platform for increasing their brand awareness and sales.


Dodge won an award for 2013 Dart Registry Campaign. Dart Registry functioned like gift registry. In this you had to go online, pick the desired features, and invite friends/family to sponsor those car parts as gifts for specific occasion.

For example, dad may sponsor car engine for graduation or friend may sponsor tires. As soon as the fundraising goal gets completed, visit the dealership and pick the new car. Social media made this Dart registry campaign very successful in combination with birthdays.


With 18.10 million likes on Facebook fan page is incredible, especially when the company takes little effort in interacting or engaging with fans. Getting 25,000 likes and abundant of shares per post is surprising.

Actually, BMW was an early adopter of social media. It just tweets new launches and offers but currently it launched its drift mob video on YouTube. This social effort escalated BMW followers significantly.


The 2014’s NOT NORMAL campaign of Mini was a hit. Multiple awards were won and the brand got connected with totally new audience. It requested followers to upload videos on Tumblr or share with hashtag #MININOTNORMAL.

In 6 weeks 230,000 social media people got engaged with their campaign. 29,420 new followers got recruited, and 2,217 parts of consumer content got shared. Moreover, 3,853 people visited the campaign hub to search for the new MINI and 11% became licensed dealership leads.

The huge takeaway from these auto brands is keep engaged with customers through smartly crafted content. Therefore identify your target market thoroughly, so you can deliver content that goes viral on social media.

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