Artificial intelligence does not have to be all that bad. Contrary to popular belief, AI may not necessarily bring about the apocalypse as James Cameron’s Terminator franchise foretold, in fact it could very well lead humanity into a new dynamic era. Businesses are already investing billions of dollars into AI, due to its massive potential in terms of workplace productivity and the development of business modules.

To put things into perspective, businesses invested millions of dollars on AI in 2016 alone. This figure was three times more than what was spent in the prior three years and it enunciates the fact that investments in AI are increasing at an expedited rate. The paramount reason why investments in AI are steadily increasing, has to do with the fact that AI could quite possibly solve productivity issues once and for all. If you are not sure how, here 3 ways AI could increase workplace productivity for you to take into consideration.

1.     Automation (Duh!)

If it wasn’t obvious enough, the primary reason why businesses invest so heavily on AI is because they wish to automate any and all processes that they can think of. Come to think of it, AI is no different from how machines were previously introduced and developed. Machines like home appliances and tractors were introduced as a way to reduce labor. Eventually, industrial machines were developed and a basic system was established. However, robots are working alongside humans to run businesses and perform a plethora of activities around the world.

With AI, businesses can go the extra mile and automate daily processes. For instance, much of the work carried out by junior lawyers can now be carried out by algorithms instead. This does not mean having people around is useless, as they can be diverted to different helpful tasks where human input is of the utmost importance. Additionally, businesses are now using AI and outsourcing platforms to automate the process of generating new leads, email automation and other actionable insights.

2.     For Quick Customer Support

When people have concerns or questions about your business, it is vital that they receive an efficient and swift response. When you show your customers that you value their time, they will be motivated to continue opting for your business for a particular product or service that you specialize in.

In this day and age, when millennials have increasingly short attention spans, it is up to you and your business to give them the service instantly. To cater to this, there is no better way to implement AI than integrating chatbots into your customer support department.

Chatbots carry out a multitude of tasks, from scheduling meetings to answering incoming customer queries. They can also provide information about products, services and can even process purchases. If implemented correctly, chatbots will allow your employees to work productively in other aspects of your business.

3.     To Improve Cyber Security

Cybercriminals are constantly on the move to find new ways to compromise corporate systems and computers. What is alarming is that some hackers belong to organizations funded by the government, or even belong to the government for that matter.

Previously, businesses relied on humans to analyze their system and security log files to identify threats and breaches. However, now businesses have other effective options such as AI.

One of the best aspects about AI is that they work around the clock. It does not matter if you are awake or asleep; AI utilizes analytics and machine learning techniques to identify and eradicate threats, while it simultaneously fixes issues that hinder overall performance. This way, businesses will not have to worry about their data being compromised, nor will they require an elaborate IT and security team.

The age of AI is just beginning and its importance will continue to rise. Undoubtedly, there will be numerous other ways AI can be incorporated into businesses apart from the cases mentioned above. Nevertheless, one thing is certain that businesses will need to adopt AI if they wish to free time and handle tasks efficiently; because eventually it will benefit their customers, employees and the management alike.

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