Teaching yoga is becoming more and more popular with enthusiasts passing from students to instructors but, until being able to perform the job as full time there are several steps that need to be followed in order to obtain your title as Registered Yoga Teacher. Standing with the certificate framed on your desk is still not enough for completing the entire process.
The job itself is not as easy as it seems from a student position, yoga as you may know is a pretty deep concept which needs hard study and research. It’s not just one area of study, on the contrary there are several subjects that need to be covered like anatomy, philosophy and so on. So here is what you need to know in case you consider applying for a certificate.

Ask the Big Question

The first step in becoming a skillful yoga instructor is to practically analyze your own abilities and dexterity. Not everyone qualifies for teaching programs, so it’s better to be honest before investing in an actual school considering that yoga teaching programmers are not the most inexpensive ones. Try to put yourself in the instructor position to see what you have and what misses, analyze your budget and learn if this is the best decision.

Yoga Instructor Training

Be aware that in order to become a full time yoga instructor, at first you may not win the necessary amount of money to sustain yourself and the option of taking two jobs at the time may not work at full capacity for neither one of the two working spots. There are many cases in which wannabe teachers quit their corporate job in order to become full time instructors which didn’t happen to be their best move, in conclusion try to honestly answer the big question “Am I qualified enough and if not how hard is going to be to earn the necessary qualifications?”

Look Only For Registered Schools

If you decided that it’s time to begin a new adventure then start searching for best schools which will help you earn the certificate qualifying you as a Registered Yoga Teacher, a title that generally goes after the official name of the instructor. It’s important to attend a professional school from where you can learn as much as possible meeting all required standards that the Yoga Alliance, a national organization.
If you are having problems in finding something on your needs try to ask your friends or best, your yoga teacher if you’re attending a class. He will guide you from personal experience which is the most authentic opinion you can get. There are two level programs, for starters there is a 200 hours program which is the basic qualification for almost all studios followed by a 500 hours program which is a lot complex but it’s highly recommended, especially if you thinking about revamping your career. After fulfilling the mandatory program you can go deeper into the phenomena by learning about other branches such as:

  • Anusara
  • Bikram
  • Baptise Power Yoga

Having deeper study will increase your chances of succeeding as a full time yoga instructor, making sure that your earnings will be enough for your living. Before agreeing on the program don’t forget to check if it’s eligible and registered with Yoga Alliance and keep your money safe from being tricked.

What to Expect

Once you enrolled to a teaching-training programs you will be expected to do the following things

  • Pay the necessary fee which is not very small so it’s better to prepare your credit card with some time in advance while a yoga teaching program can start from 3000$ and reach higher amounts depending on the program
  • Your schedule will be pretty full as a basic program can last from one month to 7 months or even a year
  • Treat your teachers with respect and try to develop a nice relationship as you will spend a large period of time around them, also they can always help in your following career by giving advice or references to future hiring studio.
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