There is great news for Connecticut residents who are willing to improve home energy. Smart-E loans, which as informed by the source, are simple, affordable and easily accessible as these loans offer low-interest and long term financing through participating lenders. The loan is designed to assist the inhabitants of Connecticut with home energy improvements.
Thomaston Savings BankThomaston Savings Bank with their partnership with Energize Connecticut has started the Smart-E loan program that proves to be the most affordable and long-term options in order to modify the home energy performance. The homeowners are allowed to finance any type of measure that proves the effectiveness of the home electricity or fuel. Moreover, this loan also enables to increase on-site energy creation from fresh energy sources.
Smart-E loan also helps the customers to meet several other home improvement purposes that include a healthier home, better performance of HVAC, better comfort and many more. The Smart-E loan program offered clients different amount of loan. Under this program, the customers are allowed to borrow the minimum amount of $3,000 and maximum $25,000.
Like most of the loans, this loan program also required certain eligibility criteria. To be eligible, 80% of the total expenditure of the development must be connected to different energy savings plan including equipment replacement, hot water system, weatherization, solar PV electric vehicle recharging, and natural gas conversion. The other 20% of the total expenditure of the developments can be spent on health related and energy related measures that are not listed on the eligible measures that include roof repair, health home improvements, and Energy Star equipments.
The Chief Executive Officer and President of Thomaston Savings Bank, Stephen Lewis expressed the view of the company continuing the loan program with partnership with Energize Connecticut. He informed that Thomaston Savings Bank is offering this service as a participating lender of Energize Connecticut’s Smart-E loans. He continued that their bank is dedicated to maintain the commitment to numerous residents by providing reliable services to the customers and helping their finance energy projects. They provide the service so that the customers can modify and advance the energy performance of their home.
The CEO also added that Thomaston Savings Bank is conscious about the environment. In order to improve the present condition of the environment they actively participate in different go-green initiatives. As a part of this go-green program, they will buy recycled materials when available, enhance utilize technology to save paper, and supply power to the electric company from the generator of the company, when requested.
As being stated in the report of a reliable source, Thomaston Savings Bank, which was founded in 1874, is one of the leading state-chartered mutual savings banks of the state. The bank offers its dedicated services from ten distinct regions around western Connecticut so far across Bristol, Terryville, Waterbury, Middlebury, Bethlehem, Harwinton, Watertown and Thomaston. The organizational goal of the bank is to create an ever-lasting bond with the customers by offering high quality of financial services that would enable the customers to fulfill the dreams and goals of their lives.

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