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Modafinil for anxiety – to treat social anxiety issues

Modafinil is popular for its mood enhancing properties. It is commonly used in the treatment of sleep related issues like shift work sleep disorders, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea.

These days, off-label prescription of modafinil is increasing mainly for depression and anxiety. It is being used for panic attacks and stress, and treating nervousness.


Being a eugeronic agent modafinil can promote wakefulness. Since it is reported to be useful in cognition enhancement off-label sale has increased. Till today in few countries modafinil is a restricted drug. This is due to its high addiction potential. Without prescription sale is highly restricted, if done can lead to legal issues. It is one of the central nervous system stimulants. But one extra property it carries is it won’t produce any agitation, though it may reduce social anxiety.

Off-label uses of modafinil:

  • In the treatment fatigue due to over work pressure and extended work hours
  • In students who are studying for long duration can experience fatigue. Modafinil is very effective in this issue
  • Some drugs can cause sleepiness. This issue can be solved by using modafinil
  • In the treatment of attention deficit disorders
  • In the treatment of fatigue caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients
  • After anesthesia to overcome the grogginess
  • Age related memory disorders
  • To overcome addictions like cocaine addiction
  • Very popular in the treatment of depression
  • Even used to get over jet lag

In the treatment of daytime sleepiness dosage should be taken in the morning. If it is for work time sleepiness then dose taken before one hour of the shift is enough. It can be taken along with food or without food. It works differently for different individuals. Reading all the instructions, guides which come along with the drug is mandatory. If there is any doubt on the dosage better to consult a physician. It should be stored in room temperature. Keep away from moisture and heat.

Modafinil for anxiety:

Its effect on Dopamine is the reason behind reduction of anxiety levels. Some reports state that it also increases the serotonin activity.  Individual’s positive thoughts drive and confidence is highly influenced by dopamine and serotonin. So modafinil is highly recommended for reducing anxiety.

This is a surprising action of modafinil, because it is a mood enhancer and used for enhancing energy levels. But meantime it works well for anxiety. Many users experience elimination of anxiety after the dosage and they remain calm, focused and motivated throughout the day. This is because it makes the brain less affected to excitement. This leads to reduction in over anxiousness and panic attacks.

It is very effective in treating individuals with social anxiety. This is due to its characteristic to promote sociability. Professionals use this to keep high mental energy, to be more relaxed and outgoing. They feel more focused with very less or no negative thoughts.  They remain focused on whatever they are doing in the moment. So, what are you still thinking about? Talk to your doctor today!