Many of us know quite little about Eastern Europe traditional medicine. The Slavonic population is spread in Russian and the surrounding nations. Russians have their own versions of traditional medicine; that can be quite different than what’s found in Western Europe and North America. Russia is known for its amazing climate diversity and this result in differences in regards to traditional medicine approaches. One unique concept about Russian traditional medicine is about live water and dead water. It’s not based on legend and myths; but treatment based on this concept has been practiced for centuries.

In its basic form, water is a neutral substance. It is a very common thing and we know about its three states. In nature, water is found in liquid, gaseous and solid states. Based on Russian concept, live and dead water is found from various sources, including from underground sources. Live water is found in specific areas and it contains various minerals in the Mendeleev table of elements. For centuries, Russians found that mountain spring water could bring more benefits when used to prepare herbal medicines; compared to water taken in lowland areas. Mountain-based water has more healing properties and can fight plenty of destructive agents in our body.

Live water is commonly found in Caucasus, Siberia and other areas. Water taken from these areas is believed to be more beneficial for treatment purposes. As an example, wounded animals that drink water from mountain spring tend to heal faster. For this reason, Russians place great emphasis in mountain springs and underground water sources; when it comes to performing traditional medicine treatments. Our body is able to obtain minerals from the ground-based sources. This may sound like a pseudo-science; but even modern science still doesn’t have clear idea on the complete effects of minerals on our body.

For centuries, Russians wash their legs, belly, head, face and hands with what they believe as live water. Obviously, it is quite unlikely that many modern Russians are still doing the same practice. However, it is a practice that can improve health over a long period of time. Dew is another source of live water that Russians use. Dew is considered as purified water, with possible healing water. In this case, our body is properly anointed with the water. Our body will be whipped with special small brooms, until our skin turns red. In this case, Russian healers believe that our skin can be oxygenated, toxins can be removed and minerals will be absorbed more easily through our skin pores.

This is only one of components of Russian traditional medicine and there are other things that we can learn. Hundreds of plants and herbs are used in Russian traditional medicines and some of the species are indigenous in some parts of Russia, so they can’t be found easily on other parts of the world. At the moment, Russian traditional medicine still has limited contribution to the worldwide traditional medicine application, but it is a huge treasure that needs to be unlocked.

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