No matter how high the phone manufacturers may claim their phone’s volumes to be, it always falls short when it’s needed the most. Those tiny speakers don’t always make it. Hence, Bluetooth Speakers were created.The following are the best Bluetooth Speakers available in the country that provide you with complete consumer satisfaction, from the sound quality to the budget. These gadgets offer the perfect blend of action and details.

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1. JBL Go:

This little toy box can outperform almost every other speaker in its category. With a price just under Rs. 2,000, it has a fairly loud volume compared to its tiny structure. The battery life doesn’t disappoint either.

2. Portronics Sublime 2:

A channel speaker with in-built radio, Portronics Sublime gives an amazing output audio. It supports microSD cards with an expandable memory of 32 GB. Another important feature is its NFC. All these features are available to you at just Rs. 2,149.

3. Frontech JIL-3906:

This compact Frontech product is the tiniest in the market in its category. But its small size does not affect its audio quality in any way there is. At an affordable price, it supports USB and microSD too.

4. Logitech X100:

This powerful Logitech also holds the capacity to outperform many of its counterparts. With its strong battery life, it can last multiple music sessions in one charge. It is also available in multiplecolours. Logitech provides all these features to you at under Rs 2000.

5. Creative Muvo Mini:

This water-resistant, portable speaker is a worthy companion to your smartphone. It comes equipped with a mic. Another essential feature in this product is NFC. The cost won’t go higher than Rs 2499 for this product.

6. Jabra Solemate:

With a portable body that supports 2.1 speaker setup, nothing could get better. The polycarbonate and rubber body can withstand bumps and knocks. It is also water resistant. It costs you around Rs. 3,000.

7. JBL Flip II:

JBL Flip II isanother JBL product that does not let the name of its maker down. The battery life of this products claims to last for over 5 hours. It offers NFC support,and since its JBL, the product offers you a really high audio volume.

You don’t have to get yourself tangled in the wire-y mess of earphones anymore. Neither do you have to carry the weight of your headphones on your head anymore? These portable speakers are all you need to get that high volume. The crystal clear sounds don’t cost you much either. So, it’s really a win-win situation all around!