Appliances are integral parts of every household. Without them, it is not just difficult but impossible to imagine a life. However, with constant advancement in technologies, appliances do get outdated, and you need to upgrade them for better functioning.

Why Is It Important To Upgrade Your Old Water Purifier?

Same goes for a water purifier. You may have got the best water purifier in India a few years ago, but it may no longer be the most competent purification system. Maybe you need to upgrade your purifier. Mentioned below are some valid reasons why you should consider upgrading your water purifier.

  • New Technology for Better Efficiency:

The latest models of water purifiers are manufactured with advanced and latest technology, such as UV Protection, Reverse osmosis and Active Carbon Filtration. It might be possible that your current appliance is deprived of these technologies; and may not kill the viruses and bacteria efficiently. The latest models are equipped to make water 100% pure as compared to the purification systems which are outdated. Not just that, but the latest models are also equipped with beneficial and convenient features like TDS display, etc.

  • Spending More on Repair:

Usually, a purifier lasts for 5-6 years or more if maintained well. Once the appliance goes beyond its expected life, it will need more maintenance, repair, and care. So, if your appliance is older than the normal usage period, it is obvious that you might be spending a lot on maintenance and repairs. Instead of that, it is better to invest in a new purifier and get rid of unnecessary expenditure for another five years.

  • Inadequate Amount of Water:

Are you not able to get enough water out of your old purifier? Has the consumption of water increased in your house due to increased family members? If yes, you may need to buy a new purifier. The latest purifiers can provide 50-75 Litres of pure water per day ensuring that it is enough for a family.

  • Get More Than Just Pure Water

While your water purifier may be doing the job of giving you clean water, it may be taking away more than just the virus and bacteria from the water. Most old purifiers take away essential minerals also in the process making it almost dead water. However, the new models are fitted with TDS controller that retains essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium while removing bacteria and viruses.

  • Contribute to the Environment

RO purification systems are infamous for consuming too much water to churn out pure water. Most models only turn out 20% of the water supplied rendering 80% useless. This means for every 1-litre pure water, 4 litres goes down the drain. However, new models come with advanced water saving technology that can convert up to 50% of the water into pure water. Now, that is a strong reason to upgrade and save the environment.

  • High Consumption of Electricity:

There is no denying the fact that appliances play a major role in increasing the electricity bill by the end of every month. However, if you think that your purifier is consuming a lot of electricity because of its weary and old parts, then you must not take much time to replace it with a new energy-saving model once and for all.

Of course, there are several best water purifiers in India that you can consider. However, make sure that you are choosing the right one according to your needs. Don’t decide in a hurry and mess things more. Make sure you consider out all the above listed factors.

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