Setting up accounts and incorporating businesses in Switzerland are things thousands of people do every year, but many people are still unaware of the advantages of these types of actions. Today there are companies that can help you set up these accounts and others, so there is no need to do these things alone. These companies can assist you with basic information about Switzerland, and help you set up a variety of accounts so that you can enjoy the business-friendly environment of that country. Furthermore, many of these activities can at least be started online, so the process is both fast and simple.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland has many advantages for foreign investors, but the advantage that most people list as important is that there are very low taxes in the country. Corporate taxes are some of the lowest in the world, starting at under five percent, and personal income tax is low as well. There are different types of companies that can be set up in Switzerland, including limited partnerships, limited liability companies, branches, cooperatives, and simple partnerships, among others. The companies that help you set them up can help you determine which will work best for you.

Switzerland offers other advantages as well. It is located in the heart of Europe but, since it is not a part of the EU, it is very independent. In addition to having low taxes, it also has a reputation for both safety and security, and a reputation for offering high-quality products to investors. It is a trusted country with an excellent reputation, so setting up offshore companies in Switzerland is an excellent choice for most people looking for this type of arrangement.

Types of Companies Vary

Switzerland offers investors many different types of accounts, which vary according to their formation procedures, share capital structures, and incorporation costs, to name a few. The companies that assist you in setting up an account can explain everything to you in detail, so even though the specific rules of each type of company may sound a little complicated, they can make sure you completely understand the differences before allowing you to proceed. There are different share classes and types of share capital, as well as a specific list of incorporation procedures, which the professionals at the Swiss company can assist you with when setting up your own account.

Other items these companies will go over with you include the documentation you need to set up the company, and the specific costs for items such as basic incorporation fees, annual director’s fees, commercial registry fees, and annual maintenance fees. Most of this can be done online. Of course, if you have any questions during the entire process, these companies can help you so that in the end, you’ll have the perfect offshore company established.

Considering an offshore account in Switzerland is always an excellent choice. Knowing that there are professional companies out there to assist you throughout the process should make the entire task a little easier and a lot less nerve-wracking.

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