Essay writing is interesting but not easy to write. Many students like to write an essay because this type of activity can enhance your writing skills. Essay writing has different techniques that writer should adopt to write essays in the best manner because to write something innovative or best has a greater impact on readers. That’s why to write something with the best idea or in the best way will give you priority among others.

However many students do not feel free to write an essay because essay writing is although interesting but time-consuming task and sometimes students have the greater burden of assignments and other group activities. So in that condition, they cannot manage time to write an essay. There are some sites who give essay writing services.
If you are a learner and wants to know how you can write the best essay by your own then you need not worry about that. We will guide about those techniques you have to consider while writing an essay. First of all to write an essay to need to know about how many portions.

An essay is comprised of following parts:

• Introduction
• Main Body
• Conclusion


In this portion, you have to give an introduction to your subject. Define the idea or subject you want to describe. Here you do not describe briefly about everything you want to discuss your subject.

Main Body

Main Body is the portion where you briefly discuss your subject. This portion is the main portion as by the name because here you can give your ideas or related researches about your subject.


After the brief discussion about your subject, you need to give the final touch of your ideas. This portion is known as the conclusion.

At last, you give references to the information you used in the essay from different sources. The above mention steps are the required portions of an essay. Now after discussing the structure of an essay we will discuss how you made your essay innovative or different from others. Here we are discussing some of them which help students to write their essay in the best way.

The steps that should be followed are:

  • When you want to write an essay about something, your first step is to read other different types of essays and see how professionals write essays on different topics and style they followed. This would help you how to convey an idea in the paragraph and always use different paragraphs to give the idea about different things.
  • Vocabulary has its own impact. Perfect vocabulary can give the clear idea of your subject to readers. Usage of improper vocabulary can give a bad impact of your idea. It is important to know that if you write improper words or same words in different lines then your idea would not be clearly understood by the reader. Always try to use perfect or different vocabulary to give a clear idea about what you are saying and try to use it properly in your sentences.
  • Try to be innovative. Do not repeat your lines again and again and intelligently give your argument and raise your questions in a manner that the reader will not see any drawback or miss in your ideas and reach a decision that you feel some hesitation in writing. Be patient and write about that thing you search more or you know about that thing more.
  • If you give only your thinking in your essays then it will not impact more on readers because no one has time to read only ideas. Be innovative, always give different people’s sayings about that particular thing. This will make your readers feel free to read your essay because people read those things with great interest where they see different people sayings about the particular thing.
  • Always use words in a manner that people do not find that you are not honest with your words. Always use actively in your sentences and avoid writing in passive because passive Can change your tone in the sentence and make it non-reliable for readers.

This is helpful knowledge about your essay writing and all these steps can lead your essay on top when others read it.

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