Those who think that education makes a civilized person and teach him the way of the living need to rethink their thoughts. On one side where the education can teach you some serious things, it can also be crazy at some parts too.

I am not talking about some primary level education. I am going to tell you some crazy things about the top academic level, which is the doctorate degree in which most of the people prefer to take the majors like political science and literature which can help them in providing dissertation writing help service in the future to students in need.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about those craziest doctorate degrees which will make you amazed that who can choose these doctorate degrees as their major at the highest level.

DMA in Conducting:

The DMA is a Doctor of Musical Arts in conducting that is for the leading music. This Doctorate degree is offered by one of the best universities in the world Boston University. To get this degree, you have to complete a minimum of 48-semester credits with the grades no lower than B- in all you graduate level coursework. Moreover, all of these requirements also should be completed under 7 years of the date of your matriculation. So if you think that this doctorate degree is crazy, then you should also admit that to get this doctorate degree you also have to be crazy enough to complete all these requirements.

Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene:

This is another doctorate degree which teaches you about the solution of all the industrial hygiene issues. This degree is offered by different universities that is why they eligibility criteria to get this degree is different too. The most common number of credit hours in different universities is 72 and the average time of the degree is not more than 5 years. What makes this degree crazy in our list is because it is all about the injuries and casualties and injury prevention that could be caused in the offices or any industries. Due to the lack of laws and regulations specifically on this issue, many believe that this doctorate degree is useless because no one is going to hire you for that. However, you can be called by some TV channels for the interview on this topic.

Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology:

The topics related to the body and mind could sound like you are talking about yoga practices. However, there is another term related to this which is Somatic. The crazy thing is, there is a doctorate degree in it too. This Ph.D. Degree comes under the umbrella of psychology, which amazes lots of psychologists too because they have been taught that there are only two types of psychology which are experimental and clinical. You can only get this degree in an institute called Santa Barbara Graduate Institute which is in Chicago.

PH.D. in Food Technology:

Food and technology, both are completely different words and things. However, now the technology is getting indulged in the food a lot and engineers are designing different machines and other tech items to make our food tastier than before. This degree will teach you how to package your food, you will learn about the nutrition and other ways in which the food and technology can adjust together. This degree offered by the Clemson University which deals with the food of both humans and animals. The Clemson University is a specialized institute for food and other related things to it. That is why it is the only institute in the world which offers a doctorate degree in this field. So if you like to make your future in the food industry, then this unique Ph.D. degree can make your future bright.

Ph.D. In Pastoral Care and Counselling:

I am sure that before reading this article, you wouldn’t have known that there is a separate doctorate degree for spiritual counseling and pastoral caring. This doctorate degree is offered by the Liberty University, which is a private non-profit Christian Research University based in the Lynchburg Virginia USA. This degree is to help the students in developing the clinical counseling expertise and experience by gaining the theoretical and spiritual background in counseling methods.

Ph.D. in Acoustics:

It is indeed a craziness have a doctorate degree in the subjects like Acoustics. This doctorate degree is offered by the Penn State College of Engineering based in Pennsylvania. This university is founded in 1965 and has been offering the doctorate degree in acoustics. Not only the doctorate, but this university is also offering different degrees like Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.) to its students. If you are crazy enough to take this degree, then you will be able to showcase your extensive knowledge and skills in sound and other fields related to it.

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