The only reason why a person gets a college degree or completes his or her college is to get a job with which he can start earning and take a return on the investment he had made on his degree. After the graduation, the world is you’re another place to get the lessons. You not only have to pay your rent but also have to work hard to accommodate your family needs. However, even after so many toils in the college, you still doesn’t have any guarantee to get a job.

To get hired by a company, the degree is not enough. You have to have some work experience so you can prove that you are capable of working in the office environment and can work in the teams. However, such things are hard to show for the fresh graduate that is why I am writing this article. In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those points through which you can get a job straight after your college despite having no experience.

Forget about the paycheck initially:

Your time will come when you will get big paychecks but not that early. You are just passed out from your college, and you have to start from the zero in the professional life. That is why you need the practice first before facing the reality of professional life. If you start applying for the positions like mechanical engineer, data analyst, auditor or copy creative writer without having experience of playing these roles in any company before will not going to get you job ever.

Moreover, you should start with the internships. The myth about internships that they always end up in the loosing ends is not right. There may be some cases with some people, but not everyone story is same. I know some people who started as the intern writer, and now they are professional academic writer and blogger who also provide nursing assignment help to the students who are studying nursing. Statistically, more than 70% of the internships always resulted in the paid job. But the condition is that you have to prove your skills and your knowledge to get permanent.

Identify the skills in you:

You are just passed out from the college that means you have done you degree and now you have the skills in it. This is not going to help you a lot in your interview. Employers like to see multiple skills in the person and always prefer those who can work in multiple departments. Moreover, this will allow you eligible for different positions within the same company too. For example, if you have a degree in marketing but you can write the content as well then the company in which you have applied will also consider you for the content writing if they have a need for it.

Show your soft skills too:

Apart from the degree, analyze what can make you different from others. That is important to get the attention of the interviewer being a fresh graduate. One of the problems that the fresh graduates face is a lack of content to write in their CV. That is why adding the soft skills in place of experience is a better idea to keep your CV filled with content. Try to find the soft skills in you like friendliness, professionalism, responsiveness and follow through. Each and every soft skill that I mentioned above is important to have for the job, and this is what the interviewer also want to see in the applicant. Showing these soft skills will make you stand out from others because this cannot be taught.

Know your worth:

You doesn’t have the years of experience doesn’t mean you are useless and worthless. You just have to analyze what you can do for the company and hit it in the interview. Try to find out what you have done in your life that can make the interviewer interested in you. Experience doesn’t come with the professional job. If you have been the part of your college societies or the part of any voluntary work, then mention it in the CV because it needs the content.

Show balanced confidence:

Confidence comes under the interpersonal skills, and it is important to have. However, you should be balanced in it because the person who is going to take your interview is much experienced than you and it is his job to evaluate people. Conversely, it is your first time in such environment. Do not show that you know everything and are super excited to do this job. Show some modesty and show that you can do this job and are willing to learn more too.

Start Volunteering:

If you are not finding any job even trying all the above points, start doing volunteering. It is easier to find than an internship, and you can also add it to your CV as experience. Moreover, if you perform well in your volunteer-ship who knows you might get the opportunity to get an internship in a very company or organization for which you have volunteered. Not for the CV, but it will give you the experience for your own self which will help you in the future.

Build a Network:

Everything comes down to this. Merit can get you in the big spot, but if you want to open the doors for you, you need to know someone from the inside who can open the doors for you. This is the last option you have if everything from the above fails. If this fails too, then God bless you.


The time when a student get passed out, he feels that now the life is easy for you. Which is the biggest misconception that our every student have in their minds. Conversely, they are going to know the meaning of their lives. Struggling even after your graduation is hard. You did the hard work in the college, and now you have to do harder work to get the job and sustain it. That is why it is important to organize the things for you and give your best shot whenever you get the call because no one can tell when you will get the next call.

Author Bio:

Tom is a Master in HR and has been with many big firms and companies and used to hire young assignment help for them. That is why he becomes a writer too and now doing blogging and running his own blog spot.

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