Many people have trouble going to offices because of the expenses. Some workplaces are too far and landing a job near home seems impossible. Because of this, many people have switched over to jobs that are based at home. Seriously, you work at the convenience of your home while earning. Who wouldn’t want that? In this article, you will see the different advantages and disadvantages or work at home.  Be sure to read it until the end.

If you have been reading other articles and watching the news, you’ll see that home-based work is heavily advertised. Many frustrated workers who have been going back and forth their jobs see this as the perfect opportunity. Many of them decide to let go of their current jobs for a new one. A home-based job may sound attractive but be sure to take all of the disadvantages that come with it, too.

The Advantages of Working at Home

First off, the advantages of working at home extend to many things. Virtual Assistants, writers, graphic designers and others are some examples that are prolific in the world of home-based jobs.  However, these are the main advantages you can experience while working at home:

  • You have the comfort of your home. Some people just cannot work in other environments. As such, they result to have low productivity and efficiency while at work. While at home, you can work as comfortably as you can. In addition, you also feel no insecurities from workmates. You own the space so you can let the music play as loud as you want.
  • You cannot be late. Most jobs online just need you to be there. Some pay an hourly rate and some pay a fixed amount. No matter the basis and term of payment, one cannot be late for work while at home. You just have to go online, do your work, and be paid. Nothing seems to be better than trying to make money from home right now, don’t you think?
  • You can look after your family. Women need to take the time off from work and take care of her children. This may also be the case for a man. However, trying to make money from home and taking care of the family at the same time is not impossible. You can see and govern your family while you do your work.
  • You can pretty much work anywhere. Do you remember being comfortable at home? How about being comfortable at the beach while enjoying the great scenery? One great benefit of home based jobs is that it offers both things at once. You can work while on a summer getaway.
  • You can anywhere as long as there is a connection.You can also try to work at home! Most home-based jobs just require a computer and a good one at that. You also will need a stable internet connection so you can always be connected with your employees. Take note of these things and you will be ready to work anytime, anywhere.

The Disadvantages of Working at Home

Pros and Cons are two sides of the same coin. However, the disadvantages seem to stem from being too comfortable. There is no urgency factor and no employee rivalry, which is an important part of raising efficiency and motivation. Another thing is that home-based jobs tend to get scammed more easily. Here they are in detail:

  • You get distracted easily. The attention of a person easily gets distracted especially when the workplace is very crowded. However, this time, the problem is that the whole house is your workplace. If you think you have not cleaned the house well enough, you easily go from working to cleaning the house.

This includes the idea of being always there for your family. This may be an advantage but how can you work if you are taking care of them at the same time? Make sure you know when to work and when to care for the family. Setting a time schedule may be worth it.

  • It is easier to procrastinate. Working at home means being near your bed. You can also return to your workstation as soon as you want to. When you feel confident about your work, the temptation to lie in bed and kill off the extra time you got will make you procrastinate. Though this can easily be solved discipline, it will be hard to fight the urges for that extra shut-eye.
  • There is no rivalry. You need the drive to make yourself work harder. Without the competition, your skills will not need more honing. The best way to learn more about what you can do is to challenge yourself by looking at those who are better than you are. However, if you are not in a workplace like an office, the rivalry heat is not there.

Therefore, the competition is not present and you will not be driven to work harder towards your goals. Lastly, it is good to be recognized as a good employee and someone who beats his/her rivals. This seldom happens in home-based jobs.

  • There are less (or no) company benefits. Being home-based means being protected by your house. As a result, you will have fewer benefits. Freelancers do not have medical coverage in case they get in an accident or get sick. Working inside a company’s office gives you a better grasp of things when you get promoted as you work well. You only get a raise based on performance when working at home.
  • The body adjusts to your home being a workplace. The body adjusts to different schemas and cues. If you keep your body set on seeing home as your workplace, you will not be able to rest as much as you think. The best way around this is to keep time. Set the time when you’ll work and the time when you’ll rest.


Working at home can spell great things and bad. However, the convenience of working at home should be recognized. If you really need to take care of the family but you need to earn money, this is the job for you. Many sites like Upwork offer online jobs for people. They even have their own way to raise your reputation online!

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