A recent report shows that the number of people drinking vegetables instead of eating it is gradually increasing. These green smoothies made from leafy and raw green vegetables are tasty enough to attract individuals especially the ones who has a strong dislike of eating vegetables.
As per information, the slurping smoothies are good source of vitamins and minerals. However, it is noteworthy that this new trend has gained a huge popularity as different social sites, magazines and books discuss about the effect of this health trends.
Green SmoothiesIn an interview, Joan Salge Blake of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics opines that consuming green smoothies is a unique way that can enrich your diet with vegetables. The spokesperson expresses that being high in potassium; vegetables enable to keep the blood pressure lower. In addition to this fact, as the vegetables are pulped they would help to keep the fiber undamaged and in turn help to fill the necessity of vegetables. However, she also informs that consuming smoothies proves to be effective to remain dehydrated especially during summer.
Several individuals offer their reactions on this matter. The writer and videographer Boutenko informs that green smoothies improve his digestion, enhance his energy and even recover his muscle. He is presently busy in producing Powered by Green Smoothies, a documentary that would show how regular consumption of green smoothies affects the performance of an athlete.
Boutenko states that in order to prevent the swelling of alkaloids and different compounds, which can cause some unpleasant symptoms including stomachaches; he selects different seasonal vegetables to make the smoothies.
The experts opine that individuals who are suffering from some sort of diabetes problem or have stone in kidney, it is highly recommended to consult physicians about what they needed to blend into their smoothies. It is noted that green smoothies influences oxalates that form oxalic acid and in turn causes kidney stones. It is evident proper cooking method break down oxalate found in Swiss chard and raw spinach.
Clinical associate professor of nutrition of Boston University, Blake opines that different high fat additions like cream when mix with smoothies, add calories and fat to smoothies. She is of the opinion that people having diabetes must supervise their total carbohydrate consumption as in most of the cases fruits and juices include carbohydrates. She says that it is suggested to eat the seasonal fruits and vegetables, as it is affordable as well as delicious.
Kristi Crowe offering services in a science society based on Chicago, Institute of Food Technologists, expresses her views about the ingredients of smoothies. According to the spokesperson, spinach, beet leaves, parsley, celery, cucumbers, green apples, kiwi and carrots are the most widely used fruits and vegetables to make smoothies. She adds that as vegetables contain a plentiful amount of antioxidants and less sugar, it would better to use vegetables than fruits in smoothies. She even states that no combinations of vegetables and fruits need to avoid in the smoothies unless one dislikes the taste.
Crowe even suggests that one can add Greek yogurt that is found in a hydrated or wet form instead of adding up protein powder that usually causes uneven texture and clumping.

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