Halloween is a day for jest, fantasy, and eating too much chocolate. With a little creative inspiration, dogs can join in almost all of the holiday fun (just not the chocolate!). Cool Halloween costumes for dogs range from old classics to new favorites, from costumes available in stores to ones that can be made at home. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all sure to get a pooch noticed. A pet lover who chooses one of these costumes shouldn’t be surprised to find that his or her companion is top dog on Halloween night.

Chia Pet

A dog’s Halloween costume is often funny or cool if it’s a play on an instantly recognizable image, and few images are as memorable as the Chia. The first Chia Pet to be marketed widely was the ram, but puppy versions have been available for years. Luckily, creating the puppy version at home with a pet dog isn’t difficult. Attach plastic green foliage to a dog sweater for Chia greenery, and secure orange felt around the dog’s legs to represent the clay pot.

Hot Dog

Okay, so the hot dog theme can be overdone, but it’s a favorite for a reason: It’s clever enough to be memorable, it can be bought or crafted at home relatively easily, and most are worn over the dog’s body, leaving the face uncovered for full cuteness. Dog owners who want to avoid having the third hot dog on the block can put their own spin on the costume. Instead of a plain hot dog, how about a Chicago-style dog with appropriate trimmings? Also consider using a different food item altogether, such as a taco, egg roll, or piece of sushi.

Cool Costume Ideas For Your Dog

‘Ugly’ Dog or Mug shot Dog

Dog owners without extra time or resources can put together a quick costume with materials they probably have at home by choosing an ‘ugly’ dog or mug shot dog costume. An ‘ugly’ or ‘guilty’ dog costume is a play on the trope of people being so ashamed of their appearances that they wear paper bags over their heads (after a bad haircut, for example). To make this costume, carefully cut eye and mouth holes out of a paper bag and place it on the dog’s head; just make sure that the dog can breathe comfortably. For those with naughty dogs, a mug shot costume can be as simple as hanging a piece of card stock around the dog’s neck with ‘XYZ County Police, Number 12345’ written on it.


Owners often view their dogs as princesses, so why not let people know how you feel? Man’s best friend can pull off the princess look with as little as a crown and a tulle skirt, although more elaborate full-length dress versions are great too. Dog owners can find plastic crowns and dress-up costumes in the children’s section of any local thrift store. Secure elastic to the crown and place it over the dog’s head, and make sure that the princess skirt isn’t so long that it will trip the dog as it walks.


One dog sweater plus several cotton balls equals one suspiciously canine-looking cloud. Much like creating a Chia Pet, the cotton balls should be attached to the sweater (glue works fine): then the dog wears the sweater as normal. This method can also be used to create a cool sheep Halloween costume.

Donovan Maxwell is a freelance writer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you’re throwing a costume party in the near future be sure that you dont forget your pets and visit costumeexpress.com.

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