What is the special treasure of Northern Portuguese and Porto? Of course, it is said about thermal resorts – special places, where the hot water goes up on full speed. The strong therapeutic effect of thermal water is popular all over the world. You meet traditional therapeutic procedures by taking bathes, showers, massages and many other technics. You can also take programs for relaxation, restoration, of your health and beauty. Thermal resorts are right places for improving of general physical and mental state.

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Resorts Stations in Portugal

All Portuguese resorts are situated in beautiful natural areas, where you feel special, inspired and relaxed. Many of SPA resorts are located in the territory of hotel complexes. Some of them are very old. Nevertheless, they are in good working condition, renewed and modernized. The others resorts are recently built according to the projects of world popular architects. The big amount of resorts is placed not far from the rivers or seas, attractive for tourists with its picturesque landscaped and charming view.

Do you know that the landscapes of Douro River were included in the list of the World Natural Heritage? As a rule, the bog part of resorts is located not very far from the big cities, giving you a great chance to visit historical places. Thus, Porto and Guimaraes are historical sights, interesting to learn. In general, you can find more than 20 thermal bases just in the Northern part of Portugal. All of them have attractive complex programs, developed according to health giving powers of one or another water resource.


This pleasure dome firstly appeared in 1726. Balneal SPA center is organized in a romantic green park on the bank of the river Minho, bordering with Spain. The resort is modernly furnished with hydrotherapeutic technic. It gives a great opportunity to use healthy effect of mineral water to recover from rheumatism, bronchitis and lungs troubles. The SPA resort is glad to see you throughout the year.


Thermal baths are organized in the very center of Peneda-Geres National Park, carefully circled small lakes and rocky hills. The newest SPA center is organized with the modern equipment, offering the wide range of SPA services. The comfortable hotel and picturesque landscapes, fresh air and healthful water of Geres are helpful to treat podagra, overweight and diabetes make this place perfect for restoring and peace of mind. Thermal bathes are waiting for you from May till October. The hotel and additional services are works all year round.

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SPA-palace Vidago is circled by picturesque cedar and pine forest. In short, this is the biggest thermal holiday-resort in Portugal. The water is prescribed to treat allergy, headaches, troubles with digestive organs. SPA center welcomes clients the year round.


This thermal station is organized on high of 800 meters above the antique old castle. It is circled by deep forests and massive park. This thermal SPA is attractive place to relax and restore. The water is considered to be the holy water. The mineral waters of this area are usually prescribed to treat blood disorders, skin and gastroenterological problems. The modern touristic station works from July till September.


Caldelas is organized in the very center of Minho, circled by the green landscapes. It is difficult to find any other place that is available to have some rest from civilization – stress. You are offered to buy SPA programs, relaxation. You can try useful mineral water, pools and new physiotherapeutic centers. SPA and wellness procedures are not the end of your therapy. You are also offered to try the whole complex of procedures for rehabilitation and recovering from different skin problems, digestion diseases and lungs diagnostics. The complex works from spring to autumn.


Taipas SPA center was organized by two doctors-hydrologists. You are welcomed to use modern methods of therapy, high class specialists, modern equipment and original methods of treatment: chocolate therapy, aroma therapy, anti-cellulite therapy. The water from this source is recommended to take to treat lungs diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases and supportive-motor system. The complex works from April till December.

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Pedras Salgadas

This interesting resort is placed in the North of Portugal in the old building. It is called the ideal relaxing area. The water is full of minerals and useful elements. It goes from the natural sources. They are fourIt has unique qualities. The qualities of this water were awarded by many prestigious national and international unions. This is the place of health and wealth. You may use swimming pool, massage cabinet, Jacuzzi, sauna and showers. The complex works from May till October.

Caldas da Saude

Caldas was first mentioned in times of Roman Empire. The first building was constructed in 1851. The complex was rebuilt and restored many times. Thus, the composition was finished and modernized in 1994. Thermal complex works the year round. It is modernly equipped to be recommended for all clients. The water from this source is used to treat supportive-motor system disorders, rheumatism, lungs problems. The complex works from January till December!

Sao Vicente

The thermal resort Sao Vicente is situated 30 kilometers driving from Porto. This is the cased when you are recommended to hire a car in Porto and get to the place of your dislocation. This is also a good opportunity to visit city and provinces. The territory boasts with the modern SPA swimming pool, where you can take such relaxing procedures as Jacuzzi, waterfalls, flows, hydro massage therapy. Traditionally, this place is recommended to take for respiratory diseases, supportive-motor disorders. The popular thermal resort works all year round.


The center is situated in the Valley of Douro River. It was opened in 1102. There was a medical establishment at that time. The name Caldas means hot that was popular place for Romans, who liked bathes. The water is 60 degrees above. You may try anti stress programs, dieting and rehabilitation therapy. SPA complex is available all year round.

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This unique place is situated in the very heart of Algarve. The thermal villa is exclusive and romantic place. You may hire one of many guest houses in the ancient building and enjoy of thermal swimming pool. Thermal SPA, conference hall, restaurants, shops, vinery are at your full disposal. Monchique water is popular of its treating effect to recover from lungs diseases.

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