Owning a business can be remarkably challenging and many business owners can quickly become daunted by the scale of what running an enterprise actually involves. Making that decision to operate your own business shows real entrepreneurial spirit, however, meaning that it’s right that you should receive appreciation for your efforts.

Such appreciation, however, is unlikely to make a positive contribution to your bank balance. If you’re intent on really building on the foundations that you have in place, then here are 10 top tips on improving your approach to owning and operating a business:

1. Recruit great people

There are times when it can seem like your payroll costs are too high. You may consider employing those who will work for a little less money, but you need to be careful that you aren’t reducing the quality of those who you call upon.
The truth is that great employees are the cornerstone of great businesses. If you remember that, then you won’t go far wrong.

2. Learn to understand business fundamentals

When you decided to set up your own business, it may simply have been a reflection of the fact that you had a great idea. That’s all well and good, but it will only take you so far.
If you find yourself struggling to understand accounts and financial aspects of what’s involved, then it really is time for you to learn more. This is an absolutely critical area of the business and you won’t succeed unless you understand the basics.

3. Get sales under control

Having a pipeline of incoming sales will cure many of the problems associated with your business. It’s important that you should have that regular supply of sales, but you also need to remember that you are looking for the right type of sales. If other people are selling on your behalf, then ensure that they are giving out the right messages.

4. Have a plan in place

Many entrepreneurs are inspirational figures and come up with great ideas. Running a successful business is often about explaining your ideas to others.
You’ll find that much easier with a written plan to refer to. That plan will also guide business strategy, enabling you to keep things on track.

5. Listen to your customers

At times, you may hear customers grumbling and you may choose to dismiss those warning signs. You do so at your peril: if you fail to listen to what customers are saying, then you will inevitably be too slow to react to their changing requirements.

6. Review your business at regular intervals

It’s rare for the perfect business to be created overnight. In truth, it’s more likely that it will be tweaked and changed over time. In order for you to make the right changes, you’ll need to keep on top of business changes.
Even if it seems that everything is remaining constant, the truth is that alterations will almost certainly be necessary.

7. Have a break!

Running a business is hard work and you may feel guilty about spending time away from your desk. In reality, quality time away from the workplace can give you energy, helping your business as a result.

8. Learn to delegate

Operating the business yourself, you may feel that nobody else can meet the standards that you set. It’s fair to say that you may be right about this too, but you’ll never actually know, unless you’re prepared to let go of the reins. You may even be presently surprised by what you discover.

9. Get better at networking

I know that networking can be painful, particularly if you don’t find that talking to others comes easily to you. It is, however, something of a necessity. You’ll learn about potential clients and will also gain information about how best to run your own business.

10. Keep on researching

Finally, I would encourage you to keep on reading guest posts like this one, together with any other useful information that you can find. As a business leader, it’s likely that you will always be learning. There will continue to be gaps in your knowledge and the priority will be to ensure that you are constantly evolving.

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Working with TotalFranchise.co.uk, Keith Barrett spends a lot of his time examining the way in which businesses operate. For those who are business owners, he appreciates the fact that the way ahead can sometimes seem clouded.

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