Samsung, a well famous company, every year launches its phone in the months of, April, May, and June. The Galaxy S8 has been launched on 21 April 2017. Expected release date for the launch of upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is mid-June. If you are interested in the best smartphone having a stunning display, UHD quality pictures, a highly-powered processor like Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810, then Galaxy S9 is the best phone for you. Galaxy S9 is going to launch next year, 2018 with its AMOLED display and glossy body colors.

Touch button “Home” here you can quickly get out of any application and launch the camera from the lock screen, it focuses on gestures to control your smartphone S8. There are many, they are diverse and easy to use. The display gestures of Galaxy S9 are so interesting and it does not exhibit a physical home button.

Will The Galaxy S9 Come Out With Exynos 9810?

The front camera of 8 MP with an aperture of f / 1.7 is equipped with autofocus and also copes with the tasks. The camera of Galaxy S9 is awesome having 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera with the 8MP front camera.

Samsung did a really great job with providing many outstanding features in Galaxy S8 and S8+. Galaxy S8 provides fast charging- half an hour to 50% and as much as 100%. Not sparing the smartphone and wireless charging. “By air” turns a little longer: 2:00. With its new Galaxy S9 smartphone, company is bringing much more latest technology. Amazing features of Galaxy S9 are heart winning. The battery power of S9 is highly durable. The Non-removable Li-Ion 4200mAh battery capacity is superb giving the user a wonderful experience of using the phone for long hours without a large consumption of a battery in small time.

The technology which Samsung has brought in the Galaxy S8 of DeX is really appreciable. An accessory which you want to tell it DeX – dock station that allows you to turn your smartphone into a full-fledged desktop PC, the benefit performance to it enough, but the keyboard and mouse connected and cannot speak, you need only select the appropriate wireless device. Dex Station is equipped with a port USB A, HDMI, and Ethernet. Samsung would launch this feature in its upcoming Galaxy S9 once the company receives maximum positive feedbacks about this feature for its Galaxy S8.

To sum up, it remains only to establish the fact that Samsung once again going to present to the public a powerful, uncompromising quality device – Galaxy S9. Here, a high performance, and a cool chamber, and at the height of the sound, and even looks like! Do not find fault. The manufacturer did not forget about the little things, like modern versions of wireless modules and advanced protective glass. Much attention is paid to security: retinal scanner – a relatively new solution in smartphone guaranteeing user safety. Like, and the technology has already been run in and it works quickly. Using them is frankly exciting. The presence of an oleophobic coating on the rear side of the smartphone made it very protective.