Technology has become a necessity for any business these days but it’s also their biggest threat. It’s opened up a world of endless possibilities for company’s but has also introduced them to a whole new realm of problems.
From viruses to online misrepresentation, this new and promising world hides many new dangers.  These problems spread right across the business spectrum, from legal through to personnel security – and a company without the right protection can be brought to its knees by incorrect use of the internet.


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There are solutions to these problems, including anti-virus software. But prevention is better than cure, and the best way to eliminate any potential expense and minimize risk and cost, is to educate your workforce.
Here are some of the problems that can be overcome with a little knowledge and sharing.

1.    Viruses

We’ve all heard about them.  The dreaded series of malware programs that has blighted the internet since its invention.  Anything that is this public and unsupervised is bound to have some issues.  Whilst they can be devastating on any computer it can be especially devastating within a professional network of computers.
Of course, there is computer software on hand to help out.  Anti-virus software is essential for any computer with access to the internet but they are not a full proof answer.  With the amount of would-be internet criminals growing by the day, it seems impossible to stay one step ahead indefinitely.
No matter how advanced the protection gets there is always eventually someone who finds a way to unravel even the best of protection.  A precautionary step you can take is to re-educate your employees.  Things which at first may seem obvious can prove crucial for the uninitiated.  For example, how to identify a fake spam e-mail, what an infected website might look like, what links might prove hazardous for networks, and the importance of keeping company passwords secret.
With these simple steps you can take a simple and cost effective step towards saving your organisation from a catastrophic disaster.

2.   Data Loss

There have been plenty of high profile examples in our nation’s history of the issue of employer to employee trust when it comes to the safe housing of important computer files.
The Edward Snowdon case is only the most recent in a long line of large leaks and losses.  No matter what your political position on the issue, it still shows that there is an issue where employer trust is concerned.
For any manager this is a constant concern.  One way of managing this is with new cloud technology, which allows all your files to be stored on a collective and secure online database.  By correctly regulating its use you can ensure that only the right content is available for the right employee.

3.   The Perils Of Social Media

This is still a relatively new phenomena in the world of technology.  Despite this it has proved to be one of the most invasive trends delving into all areas of our modern life.
Social media allows its participants to document their lives for their friends and family to enjoy.   It gives the majority of the population access to a public platform where they can freely broadcast their thoughts and feelings.  This is great, but can cause problems when this ‘social’ life mixes in with their professional life.
If an employee vents their frustration at your company on of these sites, they might reach hundreds of people with their negative message.  This means that one moment of passion can lead to an enduring bad feeling in the minds of the general public.  By explaining the risks to your staff you can help avert from this crisis and ensure a healthier relationship with the internet.
With these simple steps you can begin to make some important changes, securing the safety of your business against the terrors of the web.  By sharing fundamental knowledge about internet security with your staff you can avoid most of the problems that lurk out there.
Have you got any other practical suggestions for training and educating your staff about the business security concerns mentioned above? Share your comments below.

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