In this time of digitization the world is moving with the speed of light. Every year comes with the new sense of technology and process in keeping the industry up to date. As 2016 is almost knocking the door and it indicates that everyone should be geared up and get accustomed with the all new trends that are going to accommodate most of the web related continents. Here are 5 top trends put together by Calgary Web Design firm which are going to rule the entire industry for the next few years.

  1. Talk and see mobile- The web designing apps was an ongoing trend this year and will continue to dominate for the next few years as well. The most luring topic for all the web designers in 2015 was to make mobile applications more user friendly than ever. Looking at the data derived from 2015 which clearly shows that mobile users has taken over the PC’s around the world. Web Designers have actually taken the upper-hand by making the most user friendly and exciting websites and as a result has received utter attention and highly appreciated in the world of web designing.
  1. Split Content- The web masters are in a mode of creating single layout websites since long, but now the idea of splitting the same web page into two is going to dominate the single layout practice. The screen splits into two separate layouts with different content and styled with contrasting colours. It’s a great means of organising the websites content and makes it more trendy and attractive for the visitors.
  1. Extended Topography- These days’ web designers have several varieties of web fonts which are being used very effectively to lure the users. Extended Topography shows the message clearer to the visitor and such a trend can have a clearly unique website to impress.
  1. Rolling Picture background- Rolling pictures are photographs that have a repeated motion. The reason they are ready to be utilised is because they are in GIF format to be put as a website background. Such feature will give the website more interactive look. Our Vancouver Web Design branch has just won an award for it in  2015.
  1. Coding goes Opaque- As every company is aiming at making their business much affordable than ever before, hence the ancient trend of coding the dependency on coders have gone obsolete. There is no reason to believe that the decline of coding won’t become more and more distinct. Websites are striving to build powerful platforms and are able to create fully functional and unique websites for the users as a new year gift.