These days videoconferencing has advanced to a tremendous level, from something which required complicated and expensive hardware setups to something which can be easily accessed through hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. But using videoconferencing for virtual or online visits in the healthcare industry is a bit more complicated as the connection needs to be reliable and the service should comply with HIPAA to safeguard the medical information of the patients. With all this, it is pretty clear that virtual visits are gaining extreme popularity as they offer a new way of offering the best healthcare service.

Of course, online doctor service can’t do everything which a real doctor can do in-person but for the initial treatment or getting treated for something that’s not too serious, this is definitely a good option. Let’s check out few reasons for the sudden popularity of this service.

  • A convenient option for both doctor and patient

There is HIPAA compliant video conferencing software which announced a deal to connect 2500 providers at 200 different sites to patients. Being able to connect rural patients to online doctors is a classic use of video conferencing as that would be a better option for most doctors and patients. There are many instances of patients who don’t wish to leave their home due to PSTD, who are patients to be treated with post-partum depression. The attempt to link all over has been phenomenal and this is indeed bringing patients closer to their doctors.

  • A virtual waiting queue is way better than a physical one

Noone really loves to wait at the waiting room of a doctor and besides the usual annoyance of waiting; it is bad to surround yourselves with sick people when you are also sick. But with virtual doctors, you can be in your own home and stay comfortable.  There are websites which have replaced those age-old magazines with animations related to health. Patients can sit and go through them while they wait for the online doctor to attend them.

  • Screensharing allows increased engagement of patients

Video conferencing not only permits patients to view the face of the doctor. There are platforms where doctors would check the past records or radiology record and annotate it along with a virtual pen during the entire conversation. This allows the doctor to show treatment-specific visuals and diagnose the problem is a better and more intricate way. There are even online health kiosks which include online doctor visit capabilities.

  • Record-keeping is automatic

Since doctors are using cameras in remote care, it is extremely easy to privately take and save a relevant medical photo through a connected dermoscope or otoscope. When an old patient comes for follow-up, the doctor can compare his previous records very easily and this becomes a rather convenient option for the doctor.

Therefore, if you are tired of the long queues outside a doctor’s chamber, try contacting other better doctors online. You can reap the benefits mentioned above.

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