In some countries, divorce rate has reached nearly 50 percent and it is important for partners to properly take steps. This should allow them to save their marriage and stop divorce. When partners meet, they should be able to discuss their priorities, but unfortunately, all the stresses of life may take toll on our relationships. One of the predictors of whether a family is vulnerable to divorce is how they are able to resolve conflicts. They should be able to resolve issues in life in a convenient manner. If it is true, there’s a much bigger chance for them to stay together and they will be able to resolve conflicts. We should be aware that when it comes to winning in a marital dispute, it could come at a price. For people who have to win any argument, it can be interpreted that someone else has to lose. It is a bad thing to make partners feel like a real lose and there’s a natural tendency for people to try to escape this eventuality.

How Couples Could Prevent Divorce

There are things that can cause our relationship to get contaminated. We should try to look in the mirror, so we are able to define things that may put a strain on our relationship. It is important for us to deal with our own struggle in a proper manner. This could be easier said than done, because we will need to overcome our ego. We should take accountability of our flaws and it could be among the most significant struggle in our marriage. Many people feel stressed in specific relationship and it is important to avoid distancing ourselves emotionally. The invisible wall could actually be a defense mechanism to shield us from confrontation or additional pain. When we start to distance ourselves, a strong bond could begin to crack. There are many people who do this frequently and this will cause them to stay inside isolation. In general, communication in any relationship is essential. We should begin to tune into our spouse’s style of communication, especially before we get involved in a discussion.

Discussions shouldn’t appear threatening and just by hearing one another, we could be able to ease the pain. This way, communication could become more natural and less superficial as time goes by. Communication should be focused on both negative and positive issues. When we focus only on negatives, it is possible that we will shut our partners down. Conversation should be kept relatively simple. Relationship should be seen as a business proposition, with proper arrangements. If you scratch my back, then I will scratch yours. If we want others to do something for us, we should make sure that we are able to do something for them.

In some ways, it is better to see relationship as a kind of business proposition, with 50-50 ownership shared between spouses initially. Selfish people would have poor relationships and it is often important to put our partners first. This simple principle should go a long way in keeping our relationship peaceful.

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