Even though all of the jobs a podiatrist is involved in medically caring for people’s feet, the real work of a podiatrist can vary from routine duties like examination and consultation to much more intricate endeavours which can include surgery, prosthesis therapy, and administration of foot injuries or malformations. Podiatry is a wide medical specialty that covers many kinds of podiatrist tasks and in a lot of cases, the field of podiatry is somewhat flexible as doctors who specialise in podiatry can usually be tasked with various jobs at different times.

Our human foot is comprised of a complex system of bones and ligaments that have to work together in the correct so as to support healthy growth, pain-free walking, and normal leg progress, among other things. A podiatrist in Bassendean is an expert medical doctor who concentrates on treating and healing different foot maladies. Some of the work that is carried out is preventative, as well as some being restorative, and there are as many podiatrist jobs to be undertaken as there are things that might go wrong with the human foot.

What Are The Different Types Of Jobs That A Podiatrist Can Carry Out?

Mostly in the Private Sector and Selection of Patients

The majority of podiatrist jobs is usually in private practice, although some hospitals do have podiatrists on their staff. Podiatrist training practically always begins with medical school, and is then followed up by an intensive residency or fellowship in podiatric medicine. Once qualified, podiatrists commonly have quite a degree of room to move in when determining the direction of their practice.

There are a number of podiatrists who focus on and work with children, addressing their foot growth and any issues of their gait. A paediatric podiatrist focusses his practice on aiding young children’s feet to develop in ways that will help to support healthy walking and running abilities later on in life. And there are other podiatrists who work mostly only with adults who have unexplained foot pain or swelling or other ailments.

Rehabilitation Work

And yet there are still others who work to rehabilitate people’s foot injuries, which may have been caused by either accident or disease. Podiatrists who follow this line of employment will often make a career as a military doctor, helping to treat any traumatic foot injuries of wounded soldiers and veterans. Work in this area will often involve the fitting and monitoring of foot prostheses for victims of amputation or injury deformation.

Sports injury clinics are also another generally known place to seek a job as a podiatrist. People such as athletes, dancers, and gymnasts will obviously tend to encounter anunduly high number of foot injuries when compared to the general public. This kind of podiatrist who focusses on such cases can offer treatments, and also offer professional advice on injury prevention.

Keeping peoples feet healthy is the number one major goal for all podiatrists in Australia and elsewhere!

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