Your newborn baby usually spends more than 18 in sleeping, so comfortable sleeping space is essential. A cot will become your baby’s bed till he is growing 2 to 3 years old. These cots are one of the bulkiest and expensive essential for the nursery room before your adorable one arrives. As a parent, it’s your choice whether you want to buy baby cots or baby cot beds.

Parenting Tips On How To Choose Cot For A Newborn

Baby cots are too much expensive at local markets so buying from online stores can be budget friendly because online stores offer certain discounts on products. So I recommend all the parents to buy baby cot online which will be an in-budget option with good quality and a large range of varieties. There are some factors that you should keep in mind before buying a baby cot. Let’s explore them :

Buy a baby cot with these factors :

  • Safety
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Check out whether the cot can be converted into a toddler bed or not
  • Cot has drop side

A smart Check-List for Shopping Cots : You need to take care of some important stuff while purchasing a baby cot.

Let’s check it out little briefly:

Cot beds : A cot bed is a cot having removable sides and end panel so that it can be converted into large sized bed that can be used by toddler too. These are popular and have a logical way to lengthen the cot life. They also help to transform a cot to a bed as smoothly as possible. Beneficially, cot beds are large in size than cots and they aren’t more expensive.

Size : Cots vary in sizes. The advantage of larger sized cot is, your baby has sufficient room to move to and fro. Also, it may be a practical option if you and your baby are going to continue using while in toddling time. Although, the smaller cot will be perfect for a growing baby. So the size of a baby cot matters the most. If you are going to use till baby’s infancy then small size cots are okay to be used. Otherwise, you should choose the larger one.

Height-adjustable base : The base height of all the cots can be adjustable while your baby grows. You can choose the highest level for the first few months, so you can lift up your baby easily. Then, keep reposition at a lower level at the time your baby grows up and start pulling himself up so that he can stay secure in the cot. Cot bases have two or three positions, although some of them have more.

Bedside cots : You can buy baby cots with having removable sides so that you can place the cot right next to your bed. The base can be adjusted so you can adjust your baby’s mattress and can easily feed him up especially during night-time. According to searches, there are also available cribs which provide same facilities as cots so find out for inexpensive alternatives too.

Travel cots : Travel cots are portable cots that can be easily folded up and put into a bag to take away with you. Most of these have plastic or metal frame, mesh sides and woven fabrics and hard bottom with a folding. Also, include lightly padded mattresses that will provide comfort to your baby.

Parenting is a challenging off-time job having multiple responsibilities. Measuring different aspects is not an easy thing. Often, working Moms suffer from tight schedules and baby caring activities. Because she has to handle home, baby as well as job. So buying this kind of cots can be beneficial while she is busy at work and baby is taking noon nap. Baby cots are must-have stuff but for budget friendly parents, there are other alternatives too. Sshh! Let your baby sleep in cots comfortably! Enjoy parenting!

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