Electric shavers are one of the most practical tools that have made life easier for people who shave. Imagine not having to use a razor blade manually on your skin, decreasing the chances of cutting yourself and seeing blood every time you need get rid of your facial or body hair. They are a valuable accessory for individuals who travel a lot, giving them the luxury of a clean and hair-free skin anytime, anywhere. They may cost a lot more than your usual manual razors, but with proper care and use, they can last for quite a long time and save you the hassle of consistently having to replace your dull razors.

Proper use of electric razors not only means knowing the correct shaving techniques, but also the correct way of maintaining them so that they function properly and safely and last longer too. If you are a newbie in the shaving world, here are a few tips to know the right way of using an electric shaver.

Change Blades as Needed

Not all users are diligent in changing their razor blades. Especially with electric shavers, most people seem to think that it is not necessary to change blades on a regular basis. Electric shavers usually come with a manual that specifies when you need to change the blades on your shaver. Typically, as the user, you should be able to tell when your electric shaver is no longer giving you as close and smooth a shave as it did when it was relatively new. This is your cue to change blades. Your electric shaver blades normally have one year of optimum performance before you need to change them, but this will greatly depend on your frequency of use, the type of hair you have, and some other factors concerning your shaving practice. Some shaver blades will last a bit longer, some for a shorter time.

Proper Cleaning and Lubrication

Common sense tells you that you need to clean your shaver after every use. Simply because hair gets trapped in your shaver head and needs to be removed so that you can use it properly the next time you need to shave. Doing this also prevents the growth of bacteria that can cause infection on your skin. Again, your shaver will come with a manual that tells you exactly how to clean your tool properly. After cleaning, it’s also advised to lubricate your shaver, not necessarily every after use, but occasionally. Your shaver may come with a lubricant in its package, or you can also buy one that you can use with your shaver. This will keep your blades in mint condition and working in top shape for a longer period of time.

Keep it Dry

Unless you have a shaver that can be used for wet or dry shaving, using an electric shaver on a wet face is not a good idea. The best time for you to be shaving is first thing in the morning before you hop in the shower or washing your face, because electric shavers work best on a dry face. That is, unless you have a shaver that works on wet or dry mode.

Don’t Wait too Long to Shave

Keep in mind that electric shavers work best on short facial hair. This means that you need to shave on a regular basis in order to keep your electric shaver on optimum working condition. A thick beard will be hard to shave, and you can expect that there will be a lot of hair pulling, of tangling on the shaver, which results in irritated skin and worst, razor burns. Ideally, daily shaving will give you the cleanest, gentlest shave when using an electric shaver, especially if you have coarse, thick facial hair. You can be sure of getting the smoothest, cleanest and easiest shave when you don’t let your facial hair grow to a jungle before getting your electric shaver to work on it.

Don’t Give Up!

Chances are, you will be trying out a few models and brands of electric shavers before finally getting your desired performance and results. If you are disappointed with the one you are currently using, don’t be tempted to give up on electric shavers altogether. There are quite a number of brands and electric shaver models in the market, from the basic, more affordable ones to the more high-tech, cutting edge designs that are more expensive, but definitely more advanced in features and efficiency. Check the best Panasonic electric razors. And then, there are rotary shavers and there are foil shavers (Know the difference btn rotary and foil shavers at Instantgrooming). Trying out a different model once you are ready to dispose of your current one will eventually lead you to an electric shaver that will satisfy you and keep you looking clean and freshly shaved day in and day out.

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