On Wednesday, Georgios Symeonidis, a contractor of Des Moines, was arrested on a charge for theft. According to the reliable source, police receive a lot of complaints against the owner of American Artisan and Traditional Homes.

It is informed that 52- year-old Symeonidis was being detained on a $5000 bond in the Polk County Jail. Jason Halifax, Des Moines police sergeant stated that he was arrested on the felony theft charge written suspected bad checks to a plumber, Doug Foreman who executed his work on three homes for the general contractor.

Des Moines Arrested On Theft ChargeAccording to The Des Moines Register Reader’s Watchdog Foreman Symeonidis bounced checks worth $3000 and have a loan from him about $8000 for work on a Drake neighborhood house owned by Raj Govender and Kalai of California along with Symeonidis’s own two residences.

After receiving numerous complaints from readers, Symeonidis became the subject of two earlier Watchdog columns this month.

Arteum P. Brodeur, one of employees of Symeonidis signed a deal with prosecutors in order to receive an Alford petition on the charge of fourth degree theft on Monday. Symeonidis and Brodeur were charged of stealing surveying equipment of GPS in April, which costs almost $12,000.

It is notable that 20 year old Brodeur has the past record of convictions for burglary and theft. On the declaration papers of court, he claimed that although he offers his services for Symeonidis’s company he did not have any income.

During his pre-trial hearing that held on Thursday for the suspected equipment theft, Symeonidis was found to face the trial competently. However, Mike Evans reported that in order to prevent him from evicting Symeonidis from home, the contractor is using federal bankruptcy filing. He also stated that he experinced this problem from the time he sold his house on contract to the contractor.

Mike Evans expressed that earlier this year before selling the house, he put $35,000 in the house. Symeonidis is accused to delay the closings and explained that he was eagerly waiting to receive money from his job in California. Moreover, he accused that the first two checks of the contractor that was for the purpose of down payment was bounced.

Evans also stated that the contractor has not succeeded to pay since the down payment was made. This led other people the chance to enter into his house. He further added that police of Urbandable allow Symeonidis to enter the home in spite of the fact that he filed official eviction papers as well as changed the locks of the home.

52 year aged Evans accused that Symeonidis somehow managed to delay the proceedings of eviction after he has filed bankruptcy in April for his business. After the case being dismissed by a trustee of US, Symeonidis charged personal bankruptcy ahead of the two were expected to meet on court on the eviction. He stated that Symeonidis would not b able to evict sooner by filing bankruptcy. In addition to all these, he informed that his home has been broken into several times as well as it is occupied by unlawful residents. He expressed that he has left with no other options other than sitting helplessly and seeing the house is being destroyed.

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