Buying health insurance online is a simple and convenient process. Besides the obvious benefits of convenience, online health insurance offers several other benefits which makes it an attractive option. If you are planning to buy a health insurance policy, buying it online is the best approach. If you are not convinced, here are five reasons why you should buy health insurance online: –

You Are the Decision Maker

Buying health insurance online does not involve agents or other intermediary persons. Therefore, when you choose to buy a mediclaim policy online, you are the sole decision maker during the entire process. You can find out the plan based on your requirements and budget without the interference of any agents. At times, an agent’s advice can be biased as he may suggest a policy that fetches a higher commission for him. Conversely, when you make your own decisions after comparing several policies, you can be positive about your purchase decision.

Bid Goodbye to Tedious Paperwork

Buying a health insurance policy involves no physical documentation. All of the documentation is undertaken online as per your convenience. Once you fill the details and submit the relevant scanned copies of the required documents, you can avail your policy within no time. You can also rule out the possibility of loss or theft of your original documents as you don’t have to carry or submit them. Moreover, online documentation also eliminates the need to shuttle to the insurance office, if there are some problems in your documentation.

Instant Renewal

If you have an online health insurance policy, renewal can be done within minutes. All you need to do is submit the relevant documents and make the payment online and your policy will be renewed instantly. Additionally, health insurance companies send policy renewal reminder emails to its online policyholders. So you don’t have to worry about missing out the renewal dates.

Convenience & Support

If you thought only your insurance agent can offer you support and guidance, you are wrong. With an online health insurance policy, you can seek guidance directly from the insurance companies through the toll-free helplines or chat support options. Whether you have any doubts regarding the documentation or the clauses of your health insurance policy, company representatives will be more than happy to clear your doubts. Most of the online health insurance companies offer 24×7 customer support.

Abundance of Choice

Agents will usually limit your choices to certain insurance companies.  However, this will not be the case with online health insurance. When you buy a health insurance policy online, you have the advantage of wider choices. Moreover, when you buy a policy online, you can easily compare the price and features of the policies and make the right choice.

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