Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your relationships in a romantic way. On this day everyone expresses their love for their special ones in various ways. Men make their lady love feel special and loved with many gifts and romantic gesture. However, if you are the one who is deeply in love with a girl and haven’t expressed your feelings to that girl yet then, on this Valentine’s day you should definitely propose her in the most romantic way possible. But, if you don’t know how to propose the special woman of your life on this Valentine’s Day then, check out the following ways:

7 Unique and Romantic Ways To Propose A Girl On Valentine’s Day

A T-shirt Proposal: Get a red t-shirt printed with the text “Will you be my Valentine” or “I love you”. Wear a jacket over the t-shirt to keep it a surprise for the girl you are going to propose. Take her to a cafe or to the place you guys usually meet and take out your jacket to see how cutely she reacts.

The Banner Proposal: If you want to make your proposal an unforgettable one for the special woman in your life, then a banner proposal will be the best Valentine gifts for her. All you need to do is to get a banner prepared with the three magical words “I Love You” and display it in the place where you will take her out on Valentine’s Day.

 Propose her on the radio: If the girl you love likes to listen to the radio every morning then, proposing her on the radio will make you win her heart for sure. Make a call to the local FM radio station and they will assist you in speaking your heart out to your Valentine. Also, before proposing her don’t forget to play her favorite romantic song.

Propose Her on YouTube: Make a video expressing all your feelings towards the girl you love, tell her that how much you love her and post it on YouTube. After posting your proposal video on YouTube, send her the link to the video with a very serious message. After she will watch the video she will definitely feel lucky and special. Thus, you can expect a “Yes” from her.

A Box-Inside-box Proposal: Well, this idea is really romantic. All you need to do is to send a gift-wrapped box that will consist of another box-inside-box. You can include as many boxes as you want. Just make sure to put a key into the final box with a note saying “I give you the key to my heart”. This will really make your girl feel special and loved.

Roses with Messages: Flowers especially roses are the most romantic gifts that you can present to a girl on Valentine’s Day. Propose the girl you love by sending her one rose at every hour of the day with a love message attached to it. Make sure to ask her “Will you be my Valentine?” in a message attached to the last rose you will send to her.

The Classic Candlelight Proposal: A candlelight dinner is something that can never go wrong on Valentine’s Day. A candle makes a great element that can infuse romance in your love life. So, ask the girl you love for a candlelight dinner, order her favorite food and wine, play her favorite romantic songs and then bend down on your knees to spell those three magical words.

So, make sure to win your love this Valentine’s Day with these romantic ideas.