In the first part you learned about a few of the important terms and their definitions that are important for you to know when you hire a professional from Webtye for graphic design. Because without a clear concept, you will not be able to explain the concepts to him, and this will only cause more confusion, and more delays in your work. Here are more important keywords and terms, with definitions that will help you get what you wanted from day 1.


Typography is an art of arranging letters into a design, a bigger word, or in a graphic design. Typography is one of the fundamentals of graphic designing, however, it is important for a designer to know what the basics are because we at Webtye believe there’s fine line between good type and great type. Our professionals will ensure each and every graphic design they make for you will be not just out-of-the-box, but exactly what you wanted.


Grids are an important part of helping you get what you want. Grids help in getting composition right. If a Webtye professional talks about grids, imagine a huge graph of lines going horizontally, vertically, these lines help in making sure the content is on one straight line, not up and down, which can cause a lot of inconvenience. Structuring content is also a very important of developing graphic design. These grids can be created through different platforms including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.

Mainly a grid will have a larger header going across the top and the columns will be equally sized, however, there is no limitation to the grid, just like there is no limitation in creativity. Grids are often used for templates as well.

Logo Designs and Branding

Branding and creating logo designs are two different things. Branding is a process and logos are tools used by graphic designers for graphic design used to promote a brand. A logo represents a brand, it reminds consumers about the company their products, and help one remember the company exists. While logos are very powerful, they are different from branding. Branding is a process that includes coming up with a logo, and name, that are not yet present in the market to help the new company stand out. Branding is done through campaigns, competitions, and attracts consumers through attractive marketing schemes, like buy-one-get-one free. A designer will also have to create unique logos and brand the graphic design made specifically for the company or brand you are starting.

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