There is a condition in which one out of the five bones of foot is abnormally short. The condition may be a congenital defect, trauma or acquired later. It is commonly present in the fourth metatarsal. This condition may be present in both the feet. It usually occurs in the youths and is observed more common in women than in men.

Know Brachymetatarsia Surgery Before You Get Yours Done

Symptoms you may have

Normally, when we walk the weight and pressure is distributed from the 5th toe to 4th toe till 1st toe. This even distribution of pressure moves to the ball of the foot. But in case of sort metatarsal, this whole process will be disrupted.

Treatments available

  • Several treatment methods for this condition are available. One of the common treatments for such condition is corrective footwear. It is the remedy when the patient complains of pain in the ball of the foot. Shoe padding and custom designed footwear is helpful and reliving.
  • Surgery can be performed to lengthen the metatarsal. The surgery involves cutting the short metatarsal and shifting with a bone graft or fixation in a better position. Plates and screws are utilized to keep it in position for some time till your surgeon wants.

You may require a knee scooter or crutches to avoid keeping weight on the foot. This is required for a period of 3 months for it to completely heal. After the 3 month period you may be required to wear a special shoe or boot for some time.

  • Another new treatment makes use of a device that helps the short bones to grow to the normal length. In this treatment the affected toe bone is first broken and a device is placed over it to help it grow. This treatment is free of screws and plates and the device used for treatment can be adjusted within the shoe.

See your specialist to determine your condition and suitable Brachymetatarsia Surgery and live life normally.

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