If you are planning a pilgrimage soon, you should not miss out on this paradise for pilgrims. And by the term “paradise for pilgrims” we are referring to the beautiful city of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati is an ultimate escape for devoteesfrom far and wide, and the city is mostly famous for the temples here. There are a lot of century-old temples here that attract tourists from near and far.

The Great Pilgrim Escape To Tirupati

If you are planning a trip to Tirupati, you should definitely think about opting for a Tirupati Tour Package which includes all the important places you should visit here.

However, just to save your time, we have dished out here a list of must-visits in Tirupati –

  • Sri Venkateswara Temple  Situated at the peak of Tirumala hills, this temple is the richest temple in the World. Sri Venkateswara Temple is also one of the biggest temples in Andhra Pradesh and is extremely beautiful. The pilgrims find peace in this place. You can also see the “Swami Pushkarini River” flowing with grace just near the temple.
  • Talakona Waterfalls The Talakona Waterfall is the highest fall in Andhra Pradesh. It falls from a remarkable height of 270 feet and looks out-of-this-world. In order to visit this fall, you need to go 30 kms into the wild. The hard work to find the fall doesn’t go in vain because what you witness upon reaching is spectacular, and enough to satisfy your travel-hungry soul.
  • TTD Garden The garden covers a massive area of 460 acres and is one of the most beautiful parks in Tirupati. It has a wide range of beautiful flowers that will make your heart skip a beat. There are plenty of ponds and tanks in the park acting as a source of water supply for the locals and the pilgrims.
  • Deer Park The Deer Park in Tirupati is another beautiful place that you must visit. The place is one of the major tourist attractions in India. Although it is named as Deer Park, it has a lot of wild animals other than deer.
  • Sri Vari Museum This museum is located at Tirumala and you can see here many items related to the history of Andhra Pradesh. There are plenty of sculptures, artifacts, pictures and photographs that have been displayed in the museum. If you have an inclination towards history and stories from the past, this place should definitely figure in your bucket list.
  • Sri Govindarajaswami Temple This temple is another beautiful yet significant religious structure in Andhra Pradesh. It was founded by a saint named Sri Ramanujacharya and was built in the 1130 AD. It’s a popular shrine and people pay a visit here to offer prayers to Sri Govindarajaswami.
  • Srikalahasti – Srikalahasti is one of the most important places in Andhra Pradesh which is situated at the bank of the river Swarnamukhi. It’s a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Shiva Linga here is worshipped as “VayuLinga”.

These are some of the most important places in Tirupati that you should invariably pay a visit at. Visiting them will definitely offer youimmense peace of mind.