So your iPhone screen cracked. Well, a quick search on Google will turn up a host of DIY iPhone repair kits, a handful of them priced fairly lower than most repair shops. Regrettably, a good number of people still prefer to pay more by hiring pros at repair shops. But can you replace an iPhone’s screen without the help of a pro? Surprisingly, yes. Replacing your iPhone’s screen is easier. If you do-it-yourself with a repair kit, you will save huge amounts of money.

While getting it fixed at a dedicated repair shop or at Apple’s stores is likely to cost you sums of money. Best thing with iPhone repair kits is that, you get to have a choice of fixing your screen with screen protectors that are cheap, and perhaps better such as ultra thin tempered glass for iPhone. Tempered glass is a skinner sheet of glass that you can stick on your iPhone’s screen, as opposed to thin plastic sheet of screen protectors made of flexible material, which are cheaper.

Ultra thin tempered glass for iPhone is an outstanding screen protector. That’s largely because it is crafted from pure glass, and it’s exceedingly thin, which gives iPhone users a natural feel as they operate their Apple smartphones. However, it is relatively expensive compared to standard plastic sheet made screen protectors. The market is awash with different types of glass screen protectors. It is thus vital to pick one that suits you. What are the benefits of tempered glass?

Considerable Benefits of Ultra Thin Tempered Glass for iPhone

To begin with, it increases the overall resistance of the phone’s screen as it overly protects the screen of your iPhone from breakage and severe impacts. Ultra thin tempered glass also has a higher light penetration ratio compared to plastic sheet screen protectors. Glass offers a mere 92%, general protective film 80%, while an ultra thin tempered glass for iPhone provides 93.7% of light penetration ratio. In regard to thickness, its 0.3 mm with 2.5D rounded edges.

Compared to the regular PET film on other screen protectors, the ultra thin tempered glass is almost three times stronger thanks to its surface hardness of 9H (diamond’s hardness is 10H). It is also essential to note that even with keys, a set of knives or any other sharp object you can never scratch the surface of an ultra thin tempered glass. It’s scratch proof. But best of all, the ultra thin tempered glass for iPhone has an anti-shatter film.

In other words, the tempered glass, if broken, brakes only in small pieces. Compared to other screen protectors, it’s much safer to handle since it doesn’t break into sharp, smaller pieces. It is also equally anti-fingerprints, not to mention Oleophobic coated. No oil stains or fingerprints can stick on tempered glass, and neither can dirt as you can easily wipe it off with a cloth. Ultra thin tempered glass for iPhone is certainly the best. It doesn’t affect touch screen sensitivity, and it has a silicone bubble-free adhesive. What else would you want in a screen protector?

Where To Find Ultra Thin Tempered Glass For The iPhone

If you are looking to purchase ultra thin tempered glass for you iPhone, there are a couple of different options for you find them. You can go online and purchase them from an online iPhone accessories store, or you can purchase them in your local iPhone store or cell phone store. If you are looking to save money, go online. If you are looking to get it as soon as possible, purchase it in the store.