When it comes to cleaning yourself up, which method do you use most often bathing in a bath tub or showering? Do you know which method is better at cleaning; taking a bath or taking a shower? If your home has the ability to do one or the other, which method do you choose most often? According to an article, when it comes to cleaning up, most people will stick with whatever works best for them be it a soak in the tub or a shower. For example, if you are short on time you will likely shower, if you want to relax and have a little more time than you will take a bath. Some of the benefits of showering are: it takes less time, it’s effective, you have the option to use hot and cold (hydrotherapy), and it feels great to have water massaging you. The benefits of taking a bath include: is relaxing to soak in a tub, may reduce pain, and helps your circulation. Baths have been around for a very long time therefore, could baths be superior to showers? Most people think that showering uses less water than baths and as a result, will shower more over taking a bath. This actually depends on how quick of a shower you take and if your shower head lets you control how much water is coming out. On the other hand, if you had a stressful day, then there is nothing quite like soaking in a bath tub.

Which Is Healthier: Shower or Bath?

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