LG also known as Lucky Goldstar is a multinational corporation of South Korea with headquarters at Seoul. This company aims at providing a better life to its users by launching user friendly as well cost approachable products just like its logo which means “Life’s Good”. Today in this era of competition every electronic brand is trying to enter into the world of mobiles so is LG and has been successful to a certain extent. LG smartphones is better option for those who want to invest less and whose demands are more and has proved itself Lucky for them just as its name.

LG has launched new series known as “G series” Which is considered as gift to the smartphone field. In May-2014 LG G3 was released in the native South Korea which left a positive impact on the mind of smartphone lovers and this phone was highly appreciated by the users because of the impressive design and versatile features. The curiosity of the customers rose because of which LG is planning to launch its G series member LG G4. It is considered just a revision of all those features which are present in LG G3.


Include Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset which helps in performing complex functions in a better way and Octa core processor with 3GHz speed. The main aim of company behind designing the new version of G series is to improve the battery life as compared to previous LG G3. It is expected that LG G4 will provide battery lifespan of 565 hours for 2G and 535 hours for 3G on standby mode and 19 hours and 21 hours for 2G and 3G in talk time mode with battery power of 3500 mAh. The LG G4 is expected with Android L and HD-IPS premium screen display of 5.7 inches which is the main focus of brand LG. Based on the storage capacity the phone will be available in two versions i.e., 32GB and 64GB. The user can also expand the memory by use of memory card. This phone offers primary camera of 17MP and secondary of 4MP in addition to LED and autofocus features. This phone also provides the opportunity of video chatting and recording motion.LG G4 further have the possibility of inclusion of an eye/retina scanner. One more additional feature which makes this phone quite different from other smartphones is that the power button on this phone is multifunctional and is further being set according to your needs that means how you want that power button to function.

Release Date:

This phone is expected to rule the mobile market somewhere in middle of 2015.


The phone will cost you around 54000 in Indian currency and $900.

LG G4 will come up in the mobile market overcoming all the loop holes of LG G3. Now its time for all LG users to save as the LG new product is on its way. Don’t be jealous as this phone suits everyone’s pocket with the incredible features it has.