Many people think seo is keyword ranking, we do it well, provided we make the keywords to top page, actually we are misunderstand of seo.

The old keyword service were substandard and classified as cheated due to the google algorithm changed, if you want to get more traffic and quote from google, you must optimize for the whole website.

What is different between keyword optimazation and whole site optimazation?

Firstly, for the keywords optimazation is working around the keyword itself, but the whole site optimazation is working around the PR such as structure,page content, link and backlink. For example, you may focus on the quantity rather than quality of the backlinks for keywords optimazation, but for whole sites, quality backlinks is much more important. For the advertorial, the old advertorials was products by software, which only search engine can understand but not human, but now humans are involve in search result review, so we have to write them by ourselves. For exzample, Davonne doing the seo service for themself, they hire some very professional windows products writers to write and share some useful article about curtains Sydney and plantation shutters Sydney through the Internet and their website’s blog, many people found that their article are very helpful, so they copy it to their’s website with a backlik to Davonne, which gives Davonne very good reputation around the internet and industry.

Secoundly, for the optimized effect, there are risk in specific keywords optimization and it is not sustainable as this method only modify few pages rather than the whole site, which will make the whole site unbalance and over-optimize , also google may think the website is unhealthy to downgrade it on search results. Whole site optimazation is reasonable optimazation structure which the force of optimize is balance as google will think the website is healthy. The traffic come to your website will be increasing with the PR update and more pages are being index by google, so it is diversification development.

Finally, for the review standard, keyword optimize review by ranking but whole site optimize is by increase conversion rate and traffic. Keywords optimize also focus on few specific keywords that is limited for visitor, and it is not too good for conversion rate, whole site optimize is different, they are focus on the whole site’s keyword ranking, the main keywords combined with long tail keywords are targeted clearly. So whatever you thinking about SEO, whole site optimize is better than keywords optimize.

Without doubt, whole site seo will be a necessary tendency in our seo work today.

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