Page rank refers to a link analysis algorithm used by search engines to determine the relative importance of your link with their database. There are ways of enhancing page rank. Here are a few tips:

Page rank is calculated by various algorithms made by search engines. It is calculated upon the number of links on your site. These include

  • backlinks
  • No follow links
  • Dofollow links
  • External links
  • inbound links
  • internal links.

Page ranking sites such as Google assign a number from 1 to 10 as the numerical rank for your site.

Page Rank is determined by the following factors:

  • Unique quality content that the reader will want to share with his friends.
  • Site submitting To boost your pagerank there must be high quality backlinks and this is achieved by submitting your site on various web directories and article directories.

Here is a List of Good Web and Article Directories:

  1. DMOZ
  2. Yahoo Directory
  3. Go Articles
  4. Ezinearticles
  5. Article base
  6. Best of the web.
  • Guest posting – this is one of the most popular techniques to boost page ranks. Blogs offer the option of guest posting and you can get 2 or 3 backlinks to your blog in return.
  • Link Exchange – this is one of the time honored techniques which works well. In order to get a good pagerank you can enlist higher page ranks to link to your site. Through this measure you will get a good pagerank and will get traffic from that site.
  • Updating – it is necessary that you keep updating for google prefers sites whose content is current and fresh. The more you post the more you will be visited by google to increase page rank.
  • Blog Commenting – The page rank is crucially depending on commenting. In the blogging community you must be very socially active. Blogs that are do follow can help you generate backlinks to your site by just commenting on their posts. Commentluv Plugin is often installed on their site which automatically places a link to the last blog post at the end of each comment.
  • Social bookmarking is a useful tool to enhance Pagerank. By sharing your site on different social sites you get a free backlink and traffic. The popular social bookmarking sites are :
  1. Facebook
  2. Google Plus
  3. Squidoo
  4. Digg
  5. Hub pages
  6. Stumble upon.
  • Website accessibility – If your website is down for prolonged periods of time, Google might reduce the site ranking. Websites should always be kept accessible.
  • Use of commonly searched keywords- if you use commonly searched and popular keywords you stand a better chance of visitors visiting your website = greater page rank.
  • Website Advertising – making an ad or a banner for your website and advertising it on a different website will drive traffic your way. You will also get good backlinks.